Extra Storage Space for Inland Distributors


When you need to store things under cover but have site restrictions or require a temporary solution, a container shelter is the perfect solution. And that's exactly what Inland Distributors discovered.

When faced with the need for covered storage amid site restrictions or requiring a temporary solution, Inland Distributors discovered that a container shelter is the perfect solution. This versatile option met their storage space needs effectively, providing a practical and efficient solution.


Based in Dubbo, NSW Australia, Inland Distributors is a family owned wholesale confectionary business. Inland Distributors contacted Allshelter for assistance with getting some excess merchandising undercover and out of the weather. 

Powerlines overhead at the back of their property limited Inland Distributors in erecting suitable structures on site to keep their gear protected.


Allshelter collaborated with Inland Distributors to devise a site solution, ensuring equipment and merchandise receive effective protection.

A row of five 6m wide by 12m long container domes was installed, all attaching to the edges of the shipping containers. This configuration maximised usable storage space for Inland Distributors. They could utilise both the shipping containers and the covered areas between them for storage.

Container mounted shelters designed for extra storage space


Inland Distributors expressed great satisfaction with the swift resolution provided by the solution. It effectively addressed potential challenges associated with conventional structures and height restrictions. However, what also impressed Inland Distributors, was the fact that Allshelter were a local, Australian business with Australian made products. Being based in Dubbo and serving the Central Western regions, Inland Distributors understand the significance of supporting local businesses.

Being conscious of the importance of supporting local businesses, especially based in Dubbo and serving the Central Western regions, Inland Distributors found the collaboration with Allshelter aligned with their values. Furthermore, they appreciated the warranty offered by Allshelter, solidifying their contentment with the overall outcome. 


“Absolutely recommend Allshelter. It’s an Australian product. The warranty was fantastic and they actually guarantee their product which suited us.”


Neil Williams
Inland Distributors


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