Fitzgerald Constructions: Maintenance Area For Construction Plant


Construction Plan for Maintenance Workshop

Project Install Time: 10 Days

Location: Laverton North

Shelter Size: 196.5m²

Purpose: Workshop

Structure Type: Container Mounted Shelter


Fitzgerald Constructions, a leading Australian construction firm, specializes in diverse projects such as bridges, marine works, buildings, and civil infrastructure.. Serving as the principal contractor on projects they work on, the company is renowned for its expertise in various markets.

Their Shelter Requirements 

To remain ready and capable for any project, Fitzgerald Constructions ensures proper maintenance and servicing of their equipment. Fitzgerald Constructions recognised the need for a durable and weather-resistant shelter that would provide as a workshop for them to be able to carry out maintenance on their construction plant.

The shelter needed to be able to fit all their equipment and machinery, with the largest plant being a crawler crane while also providing ample room for maintenance work to be carried out.


Our Solution for Their Construction Plant

Allshelter met Fitzgerald Constructions’ needs by assessing their operational requirements and delivering a tailored shelter solution. The result addressed specific challenges effectively. Collaboration and communication throughout the scoping of this project resulted in a quality shelter solution. The final shelter solution consists of the following attributes: 

  • Container Mounted Fabric Dome Shelter Mounted to the Outside of 40ft Shipping Containers. It measures 21m wide x 12.19m long x 8.94m high
  • Engineered to Wind Region A – Withstanding Winds of up to 147.6km/hr
  • Made out of Galvanised Structural Steel Framing and Straatex®️ 9300 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fabric

Shelter Outcomes

Working with Fitzgerald Constructions on a dome shelter has allowed them to benefit from what a fabric shelter has to offer including:

  • Weather Protection: The shelter provides a protective environment for equipment during maintenance. Creating a shield from the elements such as sunlight, wind and rain which could potentially hamper maintenance operations.
  • Optimised Efficiency: The availability of a dedicated workspace allows Fitzgerald Constructions to perform maintenance tasks on their equipment more efficiently, reducing downtime and enhancing overall project timelines.
  • Durability: The Allshelter product’s durability and resistance to environmental factors ensured a long-lasting solution, which will serve them for many years to come.

Why Allshelter

After seeing the Allshelter brand name on a shelter in a neighbouring property, Fitzgerald Constructions came to Allshelter to discuss their workshop requirements. Working closely through the initial process of scoping and design, the company made the decision to proceed with Allshelter due to a number of factors including:

  1. Product Suitability: After seeing an Allshelter in action, they were confident that we would be able to deliver a solution to suit their needs.
  2. Customisability: With specific size requirements, and uses, the shelter needed to be designed to fit their construction plant. With ample space, the shelter accommodates their construction plant, including a crawler crane, for efficient maintenance tasks.
  3. Confidence and Support: The experience and support of the Allshelter team throughout the decision-making process reinforced Fitzgerald Constructions’ confidence in the product.

Fitzgerald Constructions’ choice of fabric shelter created an efficient workspace, contributing to project success.


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