Ground Mounted Fabric Shelter

Built to last yet easy to move

Allshelters ground-mounted shelters are fast to install with no special skills needed and suit a huge range of uses. They take less time and money to build than traditional permanent steel buildings, and come with Allshelter’s industry leading 10-year warranty.
Our relocatable ground mounted shelters are a clear span curved shelter system made in Australia from a strong modular steel framework covered by a waterproof membrane. They attach directly to the ground using earth anchors and are ideal for general use across mining, industrial, and commercial operations.

Allshelter Ground Mounted Fabric Shelter

Width options:



Product Code: REAA26

Why choose Allshelter Relocatable Shelters?

The industry’s first 10-year warranty covers the steel framework, the fabric cover and the Australian-made workmanship, so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice of igloo shelter.

Easy to install

Delivered in a handy kit form with step-by-step instructions, they are easy to put up and need no special team or skills. Installation also available.

Suitable for uneven ground

Ground mounted shelters don’t need to have a dead-level site, which saves time and money on excavation and earthwork.

Minimal foundations

Directly ground-mounted with anchors means concrete foundations and large excavations aren’t needed in most situations. Easy to bolt directly into existing concrete slabs.

Relocatable & cost-effective

Cost-effective solution for machinery storage, workshops, or warehousing – can easily be moved to another project or location as needed.

Protection from the elements

The cover goes all the way to the ground to protect equipment and people from sun, rain and wind, while the fabric let’s in excellent natural light.

Room to work

Clear-span design eliminates the need for interior columns, which provides space for machinery to work and maximises storage area.

Flexible options:

Banners & Signage

Please note if you have endwalls, that there will be some small gaps, mostly across the bottom which can be sealed later.

Versatile uses:

  • Bulk goods warehouse & stockpiling
  • Laydown areas
  • Vehicle & machinery storage
  • COVID-19 drive through testing

Pricing Guide

In this guide, we are going to do our very best to explain how fabric shelter pricing works, give you a few examples and then hopefully you’ll have an idea of what to expect and what to look out for.

Factors Which Influence Shelter Pricing


Use & Project Requirements

Add-Ons & Extra

Size Requirements & Sizing Considerations

of Project

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Ground Mounted Fabric Shelter