Waste Management Shelters

Fabric and container shelters for waste

Easily installed and relocated, fabric waste management structures are gaining popularity for MRFs needing compliant, large-scale processing facilities.

With spacious, column-free interiors, these structures are perfect for sheltering waste, biomass, recyclables, and potentially harmful materials to prevent contamination of nearby ecosystems.

Shielding waste from rain maintains its dryness, facilitating handling and substantially cutting disposal and transportation expenses associated with wet, heavy materials.

We partner with industry leaders like Cleanaway, Veolia, Sims Metal Management, RePurpose-It, and numerous local council waste management initiatives, serving various needs from recycling centers and sorting facilities to stockpile storage, odor control, and equipment maintenance facilities.

Benefits of Allshelter waste management shelters


If you need to move your workforce or equipment to a different location, Allshelter’s ground-mounted and temporary structures provide options to take them with you.

Cool & productive

Providing shaded work areas with plenty of natural air flow for your crew, fabric shelters can be up to 15°C cooler than a steel clad building.


Shelters can be reused at a future location, all materials are recyclable, plus the translucent covers let in lots of natural light reducing the costs and energy of lighting during the day.

Protection from the elements

Safer, pleasant working conditions for employees plus, with little to no artificial lighting required during the day, you can save money on costly lighting bills.

Non-Corrosive Cladding

Covers are manufactured from quality polyethylene material which is non-corrosive, highly chemical resistant, strong and lightweight.

Versatile uses

Versatile uses

Related Industrial Products

Heavy-duty polythylene fabric, tensioned over a curved steel framework creating a permanent, yet relocatable, shelters backed by our 10-year warranty.

Maximise storage space and airflow and get 360° access with shelters attached to steel posts with fabric side walls. Cool, waterproof and fully customisable.

These ‘big beasts’ offer an alternative to traditional building. Curved steel arches maximise space to virtually any size, with no internal posts to interfere with workflow.

AllShelter in Action

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