Terms & Conditions of hire


Allshelter Terms & Conditions of Hire

These Hire Terms & Conditions are applicable to all hire of Equipment between the Company and the Hirer.

1. Definitions

In these Hire T&Cs:

“Account Application” means the application by the Hirer for an account with the Company whether completed prior to or contemporaneously with the acceptance of the Hire T&Cs, which must contain such information as is reasonably required by the Company.

“Approved Credit Hirer” means that the Hirer has been approved by the Company for a credit account for use for Hire Agreements.

“Charges” mean any charges incurred pursuant to the terms of the Hire T&Cs including default charges, Charges set out in clause 6 and LDW.

Commencement Date”means the date stipulated in the Hire Agreement or if no commencement date is stipulated, the date the Hirer takes possession of the Equipment.

“Company” means Allshelter Pty Ltd (ACN 163 288 355).

“Consequential Loss” means

(a)  loss of revenue;
(b)  loss of profit or anticipated profit;
(c)  loss of business;
(d)  loss of business reputation;
(e)  loss of opportunity;
(f)   loss of anticipated savings;
(g)  loss of goodwill; and
any other loss suffered by the Hirer that cannot reasonably be considered to arise directly and naturally from a breach by the Company.

“Equipment” means any equipment belonging to the Company, including but not limited to shelters, containers and any associated or attached accessories and parts available for hire.

“Guarantee” means any agreement under which a person guarantees to the Company performance of the Hirer’s obligations under the Hire Agreement, as may be required by the Company.

“Hire Agreement” means any contract formed pursuant to these Hire T&Cs between the Company and the Hirer, as described in clause 2.1.

“Hire End Date” means the date specified in a Hire End Notice on which the hiring of Equipment under the Hire Agreement will cease;

“Hire End Notice” means a written notice issued by either Party as described in clause 4. 

“Hire Fee” means the agreed fee for the hire of the Equipment pursuant to the Hire Agreement.

“Hire Schedule” means any document titled “Hire Schedule”, or other d