Our Story

Our history is just as important as our future, shaping the way we move forward into our tomorrow.

A track-record
of firsts

Since 1999, Allshelter has consistently delivered industry firsts. From introducing the container shelter concept through to cyclone rated, towable and Express Shelters. That’s why we continue to be the clear first choice in container shelters.
The big idea
Allshelter launches with a grain shelter north of Dubbo.
First range of shipping containers
Design of Australia’s first shipping container mounted dome shelters and first export to Papua New Guinea.
Momentum builds
Attracting national and international customers, the team grows to a dozen staff.
Winds of change
Our Australian-first cyclone shelters (rated to winds of 300km/h) withstand WA’s Cyclone George.
Industry’s first 10-year warranty
Our 10-year warranty on frame and cover is an industry first. Allshelter team grows to 20+.
On the move
Continuing on our innovative route, we released a range of permanent but towable shelters.
Bigger & better
Head office expansion and Blue Mountains factory, and we strike a UK export partnership.
Express shelters
Ground-breaking launch of fixed-price shelters with guaranteed 2-week lead-time.
Taking on USA!
Allshelter opens a branch in USA with a warehouse and office in Chicago.
Testing times in Bondi
We donate a drive-through COVID-19 testing shelter to St Vincent's Hospital.
New Ideas
We Introduce two new products, Rapid Rentals®️ and the WrkBox®️.
Improving efficiency
48HR GUARANTEED DISPATCH* and Buy Online Range goes live.
New Distribution Centre
Allshelter opens its Distribution centre in Erskine Park Sydney!
Control your tomorrow
Thank you for being a part of our journey and helping us to shape the Allshelter legacy.

From humble beginnings

For over two decades, Allshelter has been a trailblazer in the shelter industry, consistently setting new standards and introducing groundbreaking innovations. From the inception of the container shelter concept to the development of cyclone-rated, towable, and Express Shelters, we have remained the undisputed first choice for any shelter needs.

Originating from humble roots in Lake Cargelligo, Allshelter has undergone remarkable growth, spearheading transformative advancements in various sectors such as mining, construction, and industrial industries. Since our establishment, we've maintained an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier shelter solutions to customers across Australia and around the globe.

Our dedication to innovation and quality has propelled us from humble beginnings to a global presence.

During a trip to North America, we stumbled upon an ingenious agricultural structure that sparked our imagination. Recognising a similar need among local Australian farmers, we embarked on a mission to adapt and enhance the design to withstand Australia's unique climate. This endeavour resulted in the creation of a functional prototype, which marked the genesis of our journey. In 1999, we received our first order for a grain storage shelter, located North of Dubbo.

In 2003, we achieved another significant milestone by introducing Australia's first container-mounted dome shelters, this innovative leap allowed us to enter the mining and industrial sectors. Our pioneering spirit, coupled with a dedication to excellence, has continuously propelled us forward.

Our narrative is far from complete. As we forge ahead, we remain firmly committed to pushing the boundaries of shelter technology, diversifying our product range, and exploring new markets. Our unwavering dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction continues to be the cornerstone of our success.

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The Very Beginning

A trip to North America inspires the founders to design agricultural shelters for the Australian climate after seeing the need for them back home.

1999 – First Order

After creating a working prototype, Allshelter creates an advert in the newspaper and receives its first order from a farm north of Dubbo for a grain storage shelter.

2003 – Taking Off

A custom design for a customer requesting a shelter attached to shipping containers sparked innovation, broadening the company’s opportunities. Allshelter then designed and created Australia’s first range of container mounted shelters, helping to expand into the mining and industrial industries.

2006 – Wind Ratings

Allshelter is the first manufacturer to create cyclone-rated shelters for winds of 300km/h and is tested when cyclone George strikes the Pilbara with 205km/h winds causing severe destruction across the region, however, the company’s shelters remained standing.

2010 – 10 Year Warranty

Allshelter is the first shelter supplier to offer a 10-year warranty on frame and cover.

2011 – Towable Shelters

The first towable shelters were released by Allshelter, creating an even easier way to relocate shelters while still being permanent.

2013 – Taking Off

Head office is expanded and Allshelter opens up a new facility in the Blue Mountains which includes a warehouse and a manufacturing section for fabric conversion and metal fabrication.

2016 – Global Partnerships

Allshelter strikes a partnership with a UK exporter.

2017 – Express Shelters

Ground-breaking express shelters are launched with fixed prices and a guaranteed 2-week Manufacturing Lead-Time.

2018 – Taking on USA!

Allshelter opens a branch in USA with a warehouse and office in Chicago

2019 – Surviving Fires

An Allshelter in Batemans Bay survives the Black Summer Bushfires, this fire destroyed bushland and infrastructure across Australia. This shelter survived this catastrophic fire event with the help of the shelter’s fire retardant fabric.

2020 – COVID-19 Help

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Allshelter donates a drive-through COVID-19 testing shelter to St. Vincent’s Hospital to set up in Bondi, and also supplies several more testing shelters across Australia.

2021 – Wind Code Standards Update

Allshelter updates the engineering of our entire product range to ensure it complies with latest Wind Code Standards.

2022 – Rapid Rentals®️

The option to rent a shelter for a minimum term of 1 month is made available, helping customers with budgeting and giving flexibility over projects.

2022 – A Fully Engineered Shipping Container Alternative

Allshelter introduces the WrkBox®️, a customisable shipping container option.

2023- New Distribution Centre!

Allshelter opens its Distribution centre in Erskine Park Sydney.

2023 – 48HR* and Buy Online Range Go Live!

Faster Dispatch Lead times for the Container Mounted Express Shelters, going from a 2-week to a 48HR Dispatch Leadtime – with 3x of the most popular sizes being made available to purchase online.

Looking towards the future

With nearly a quarter of a century under our belt, Allshelter is continuing to grow and strive to always put our best foot forward, innovating the industry and revolutionising our customers’ work life.