Container Mounted Dome Shelters

Trust Australia’s original fabric container shelters

A proudly family run business since 1999, Allshelter pioneered the manufacture of Australia’s first container shelters in 2003. Ever since they have led the way with design, engineering, materials and the industry’s first 10-year warranty.
Allshelter container mounted shelters consist of heavy-duty polyethylene fabric, tensioned over a curved steel framework creating a permanent, yet relocatable, shelter suitable for most applications across mining, construction, industry, waste management and aviation. We are trusted by the very best.

Why choose Allshelter container-mounted dome shelters?

The industry’s first 10-year warranty covers the steel framework, the fabric cover and the workmanship, so can be sure you’ve made the right choice of igloo shelter.

Smart alternative

Compared to traditional brick, mortar and steel structures, container mounted shelters are cooler, naturally brighter, lower cost, installed faster and can be economically relocated.


Engineered to be permanent, designed to be relocatable, so if your operation moves or storage needs change, you can dismantle, transport and reassemble your shelter.

Extreme strength

With state-of-the-art materials, Australian steel and heavy-duty polyethylene fabric, our container shelters can be engineered to withstand winds of over 300 km/h with the cover left on.

Easy to install

Delivered in kit form with step-by-step instructions, they are easy to put up and need no special team or skills. Professional installation also available.


Container shelters can be locked up to create a secure storage area to protect and secure your assets. Especially important if you are working on someone else’s site.

Minimal foundations

If you are using ballast as the hold-down, in most cases no foundations are needed which makes installation quick and easy. Note: Limited to specific sizes and wind speed specifications.

Rental or rent-to-own options

If you want to save on working capital while still getting the equipment you need to operate, ask about our cost-effective rental solutions.

Flexible options:

Partial endwall
Full endwall
Doorway endwall & doors
Guttering & Downpipes
Banners & Signage
LED lighting
Roller Door
Twistlock beams
Pedestrian Access Door
Partial End Wall - Eyebrow
Partial End Wall - Eyebrow

Versatile uses:

  • Plant & equipment maintenance – heavy & light vehicle
  • Spare parts, tyres & general storage
  • Sandblasting, painting & spraying booth
  • Boilermaker or welding workshop
  • Refueling, lubrication & washdown station
  • Covered meeting areas

Container Mounted Size Selector

Enter your required WIDTH x HEIGHT, and we’ll match you with ideal container-mounted shelter options.
Usable Width

Standard Length Configurations:

Standard container shelters are available in configurations of 20ft (6m) & 40ft (12m) shipping containers.

6m / 20ft

20ft, 6m Container

12m / 40ft

40ft, 12m Container

18m / 60ft

60ft, 18m Container

24m / 80ft

80ft, 24m Container