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In this guide, we are going to do our very best to explain how fabric shelter pricing works, give you a few examples and then hopefully you’ll have an idea of what to expect and what to look out for.

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Allshelter fabric structures are engineered to Australian Standards. Specifically, the standard relating to ‘Structural Wind Actions’, also known as AS/NSZ1170.2.

Shelters engineered to Australian Standards are typically manufactured using certified procedures and high-quality materials. 

There is a risk when it comes to considering the use of non-engineered shelters, especially when they’re installed in a high wind region area. 

Read more about fabric shelter engineering here.

A well-looked after and properly engineered fabric shelter can last 20 years or more. The steel framework lasts for a very long time and the shelter fabric should last over 20 years before you would need to consider replacing it. Remember, you can always purchase replacement fabric covers.

Read more about fabric shelter longevity here.

Wind ratings are part of the engineering procedure, which relates to the Australian New Zealand Standard for ‘Structural Design Actions’. Australia is divided into four main wind regions:

  • Region A – 147.6 km/h
  • Region B – 186.8 km/h
  • Region C – 227.1 km/h
  • Region D – 288.3 km/h

A fabric shelter not designed or engineered to the correct wind region or wind rating, could pose a risk – damage, injury and other losses.

Read more about shelter wind ratings here.

Fabric shelters are built to assist with busy and highly industrial processes. Fabric shelter damage is not uncommon. 

If you identify damage to your shelter, its best to get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you leave the damage, the more chance that it can cause further trouble and repairing may become more difficult. 

It’s a good idea to work with your fabric shelter manufacturer to make the repair process easier and quicker. Send them information, photos or even a video of your damaged shelter. 

Read more about Allshelter’s repair process here.

Allshelter offers a 10 year warranty on most fabric shelter products. The exceptions are:

  • Towable Shelters – these have a 5 year warranty, due to the the nature of the shelter and their intended use.
  • Hard Top Shelters – these shelters are a full steel structure (no fabric), so we offer a 20 year guarantee on this shelter. 

The following is covered in the 10 Year Warranty:

  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fabric Cover
  • Australian Engineered Galvanised Steel Hoops
  • All Main Frames Made From C350 and C450 Australian Steel
  • Extra strong Roof Bracing for future End walls and Doors
  • 8 Grade Galvanised Structural Nuts and Bolts

Read more about Allshelters warranty and warranty terms & conditions here.

If you’ve been looking online at some of the fabric shelters on the market, you may have noticed there are plenty of smaller standard sized shelters (6m & 12m) advertised at extremely cheap prices. 

Beware, most of these shelters are imported from overseas which means they’re not necessarily engineered or designed to Australian Standards. They also use poorer quality materials. 

Most of these cheap imported shelters tend to use a thin 1.6mm round steel tube. This is typically only 30% of the steel that Allshelter uses. 

Read more about the cheap shelter myth here.

Pricing depends on a number of factors:

  • Installation location or your wind region
  • Use & project requirements
  • Size requirements
  • Length of project

For a small 6m wide by 6m long Allshelter fabric shelter installed in Wind Region A, you could expect to pay around $6,000.00

Check out our price guide for a list of popular fabric shelters and their starting prices.

Depending on the size and complexity of your fabric shelter, the lead-time may vary anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. 

Check out our price guide for a list of popular fabric shelters and their leadtimes.

“The team at Allshelter were a pleasure to deal with and were always prompt to answer any questions we had. The shelter arrived on time and went up easily. The shelter provides great protection from the harsh elements and greatly improves worker comfort.”
Chris Kippax
Maintenance Coordinator - Minara Resources
“Currently, we are working on ten Herrenknecht Micro tunneling machines in the Middle East. We have several clients and our machines vary in size from 800mm to 3 meters diameter. We needed a storage solution that kept our equipment safe and out of the elements. We intend to be in Qatar for several years yet and in the future we may need more shelters. We have been pleased with the service and products that Allshelter has provided.”
Gary Dyer
Plant Manager - Bothar Boring
“To have the ability to move it, instead of building a 60k shed, and then when we leave the site we can pack it up and take it to next site. It was an excellent choice for a portable shed but with all the necessities of permanent shed. Thank you!”
Andrew Burdett
Director – Burdett Sands
“Our company was in need of a storage solution for our top-quality parts. It was a very specific need and we needed a customised solution. In trying to find a shelter that suits our storage needs for our parts, I worked closely with a Shelter Specialist and was extremely impressed with his industry and product knowledge. He was able and willing to answer all of our questions and concerns. In the end, I was satisfied with every step of the process. We were able to come up with a shelter that suits all of our needs. I have the assurance that our parts and products are being stored safely and securely. I highly recommend Allshelter for any storage or protective solution requirements that you may have.”
Nigel Van Rongen
General Manager – Evolution Commercial
“Product delivery was on time. Follow-up parts were sent expediently and those contacts I spoke to knew their stuff and were prompt in response. Well done! I don’t give praise lightly.”
Calson Daniels
Laboratory Manager – Quarries | BGC Quarries
“We recently purchased six Allshelter container shelters to cover and weather-protect our pre-coated aggregate supplies. The service we received from Allshelter was excellent, from the ordering, all the way through to the delivery and set up. Their representatives were exceptionally helpful and very professional, answering questions whenever the need arose. We would have no problem recommending Allshelter to anyone seeking a quality product backed by superb customer service and timely delivery. We will do business again with Allshelter if the need arises.”
Robert Thomas
Quarry Supervisor– Wellcamp and SSE – Malu