Vitrinite: Workshop for Mining Trucks and Excavators


Vitrinite Mining Shelter for Equipment

 Location: Peak Downs Mine 

 Shelter Size: 432m²

 Purpose: Workshop for servicing of mining trucks and excavators 

 Structure Type: Container Mounted Shelter

Vitrinite Resources, a progressive mining company with an extensive strategic coking coal tenement portfolio within Queensland’s world-class Bowen Basin, is dedicated to excellence in the Australian resources sector. Their commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability drives their operations, making them a prominent player in the industry. With a strong focus on their team, they understand the importance of maintaining a solid and dynamic team and providing a safe environment for them to work in.

The Brief – A Workshop for Mining Equipment

With mid to high temperatures year round, Vitrinite required a temporary on-site workshop. They needed a functional, efficient and durable sheltered area to service mining trucks and excavators that could withstand the demands of a remote environment.

After working with the Vitrinite team, we offered a fabric shelter that could assist them with their shelter needs. Our solution was:

  • An outside mounted container shelter measuring 18m wide x 24.38m long x 12.10m high.
  • Engineered to Wind Region B – Withstanding winds of up to 177.5km/hr
  • Made from high-grade galvanised structural steel framing and Straatex®️ 9300 High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric.
  • Custom banner measuring 11.9m long x 2.87m high

Why Allshelter

With an existing professional relationship with a maintenance manager on-site, our product was recommended. While facing price competition from another shelter provider, Allshelter ensured a competitive offer, demonstrating our commitment to meeting Vitrinite’s needs effectively.

The Outcome

Installing the fabric shelter proved to help Vitrinite with its on-site servicing capabilities significantly. The workshop exceeded their expectations, now a permanent shelter, providing a reliable space for maintaining their mining machinery. The success of this shelter underlines the importance of quality infrastructure in the mining industry, showcasing how a well-designed workspace can enhance efficiency and productivity in a challenging environment.


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