Sunstate Cement: Keeping Bulk Materials Dry


Location: Queensland

Shelter Size: 788m²

Purpose: Storage


As one of Australia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of high-quality cement products, Sunstate Cement can produce over 1.5 million tonnes of cement per year. With a history of over 25 years, they have contributed to some of Queensland’s largest and most impressive infrastructure projects.

Previously, having to transport and store their cement powder off-site which came along with warehouse, logistics and transport costs, Sunstate Cement saw the need to store their cement powder on-site in an area free of moisture. With such a large capacity to store and keep dry, they enlisted the help of our team at Allshelter to design and manufacture a fabric dome shelter solution.

Why Allshelter

After a history of working with Allshelter, and existing Allshelter fabric structures already on site, Sunstate Cement had the confidence that we would be able to work with their concrete crew to design a slab and foundation that would last given the nature of the site.



Our Shelter Solution

With the site already operational, and being so close to the bay a fabric dome shelter was the best solution, with much quicker installation times, and fewer interruptions to the site. Due to the vast size of their storage needs, and with limited space, a post mounted shelter was the preferred fabric shelter option. To access the site, a turnkey solution was necessary, which required Geotech and large foundations to support the infrastructure.

After much research, time spent on site requirements, and our shelter specialists visiting the site multiple times and working closely with the team at Sunstate Cement and Geotech to fully understand their shelter requirements.

Our solution was:

  • A custom designed post mounted shelter measuring 23.88m wide x 33m long x 11.5m high. Made out of Straatex®️ High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Fire Retardant Fabric.
  • Engineered for Wind Region B – Withstanding winds of up to 205km/h.
  • Fully enclosed shelter – full rear endwall, full front endwall with a door opening for a roller door and fabric sides.
  • Rear and front guttering to control water flow ensuring inside stays dry.

Due to the proximity of Brisbane Port and the risk of the whole warehouse sinking over time, large excavations were necessary to support the slab and to ensure the stability of the fabric shelter. The excavations allowed for the creation of a 2m x 2m foundation for each base plate, that was made from 25mm thick steel and anchored by 12 hold-down bolts. Additionally, 300x 1 metre long M24 Rods were used as a part of the sophisticated designed cage, footing and slab. The use of these sturdy materials and precise foundation design has proved well with no water after cyclonic wind and rain post install and will continue to ensure that the storage shelter remains secure and steadfast when faced with environmental challenges.





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