Towable Fabric Shelter/Structure

Made to last and easy to move

Since creating the industry’s first towable shelters in 2010, Allshelter’s range has only gotten better. Move your shelter whenever and wherever you need it, with the security of a 5-year warranty.
The backbone of our towable shelters is the self-supporting Australian-made steel frame and UV rated polyethylene. This sits on a heavy duty 15” wheel base which, using any medium sized vehicle, can easily be moved forwards and backwards with a flexible swivel enabling it to turn sharply in tight turning areas.

Why choose Allshelter towable shelters?

The industry’s first 5-year warranty covers the steel framework, the fabric cover and the Australian-made workmanship, so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice of igloo shelter.

Move the shelter,
not your equipment

An efficient solution where assets are either too big to move for maintenance, or need protection after they have been moved to a new area.

Reduce downtime

You can cover and uncover your assets at any time by towing your shelter with any medium sized vehicle. Swivel and lockable wheels make it easy.

Save on crane costs

Shelters can quickly be moved on constantly shifting worksites to keep your staff, site and equipment dry and safe.


With a range of sizes available and a rugged terrain sub frame mechanism, they adapt to most work sites.

Professional installation

While easy to set up, dismantle and reassemble as needed, Allshelter also offers a great value

Rental or rent-to-own options

If you want to save on working capital while still getting the equipment you need to operate, ask about our cost-effective rental solutions.

Flexible options:

Fabric opening endwalls
Banners & signage
Lifting Lugs

Versatile uses:

  • Building & dismantling machinery
  • Plant & equipment maintenance
  • Refurbishing dump truck bodies
  • Sandblasting & painting large equipment

Allshelter Towable Fabric Shelter/Structure

Width options:



Product Code: TOWA20-A
All standard towable shelters are available in lengths of 12m, 15m, 18m, & 20m.

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