Repairs & Audits

Running repairs for long-term performance and value

With heavy-duty polyethylene fabric tensioned over a curved steel framework, backed by the industry’s first 10-year warranty, Allshelter shelters are low maintenance and built to last. But if you do need repairs, we’re here for you with a range of options.
If you have any questions, whether you have an existing shelter or are in the market for a new one, feel free to get in touch and we can advise you.


If the fabric cover sustains minor damage, such as a hole or tear from a sharp tool, we can supply repair tape for a strong and simple fix. The tape is made of the same durable shelter material with a powerful adhesive backing. Simply clean the surface and place the repair tape over the damage.

Major repairs or replacements

If there has been significant damage to the shelter such as impact from heavy machinery, or if parts are missing or damaged during a relocation, we offer onsite or remote service options. We can arrange an expert installer to come to you and repair the shelter, or simply send us photos and information and we can guide you through the repair process remotely.

Refurbish & delivery

If you have an old or damaged shelter that you’d like to refurbish for reuse, for example at a new location, using this option you disassemble and send your shelter to us and our team can assess all parts and replace or repair as necessary, and then send it back to you for installation or storage.


If there is a need to assess and audit your shelter for conformance to the manufacturer’s requirements and/or design standards, we offer two levels of audits:
Allshelter Auditor
Assessment by an Allshelter Specialist to assess that the shelter has been installed in accordance with engineering original drawings. This includes a visual check on the overall structure including items such as adequate tensioning and attachment of the cover, installation of framework and bracing. We provide a detailed report with suggested improvements to conform to the warranty standards.
Third Party Engineer Sign Off
Assessment by a 3rd Party Engineer to assess that the shelter has been installed in accordance with engineers original drawings. If there are no improvements to be made an immediate sign off can be given or a second visit may be required. We recommend having an Allshelter Auditor come to your site first before your third party audit, to eliminate the need for the third party to do multiple visits. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Allshelter Services

While most of our shelter solutions can be delivered in a kit form that is easy to install, if you prefer the security of an expert team, we offer a great value installation service for fast and hassle-free results.

If you want to save on working capital while still getting the equipment you need to run a profitable operation, ask about our cost-effective Rapid Rental options.

With heavy-duty polyethylene fabric, quality Australian steel framework and our 10-year warranty, our shelters are built to last. But if you do need repairs, we’re here for you.

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