Protecting What Matters Most: Thiess Indonesia


Location: Indonesia

Purpose: Protection Against Weather

Structure Type: Container Mounted Shelter

Thiess, as a global company engaged in extensive earthmoving and mining activities across diverse locations in Indonesia, faces the challenge of safeguarding its assets and personnel from the unpredictable and sometimes harsh weather conditions prevalent in the region. Balikpapan, where one of their bases is located in East Kalimantan, experiences an annual rainfall of approximately 2,632mm. Therefore necessitating the implementation of robust solutions to ensure the continuity of operations and the longevity of equipment in the face of such challenging environmental factors.

One of Thiess’ key priorities is to contribute to a sustainable future, and in achieving this, the protection of assets from adverse weather conditions becomes crucial. To address this concern, Thiess has consistently turned to Allshelter, a reputable provider of fabric dome shelters. Allshelter’s triple ISO certified shelters have proven to be the ideal choice for Thiess in creating a reliable and durable solution for their shelter needs.

Container Mounted fabric shelter

Why Allshelter?

Over the past 15-20 years, Thiess and Allshelter have cultivated a strong partnership, with Allshelter consistently delivering on their commitment to quality and engineering excellence. In response to the specific challenges posed by Indonesia’s diverse climate, Allshelter has supplied Thiess with a variety of fully engineered fabric dome shelters, each tailored to different sizes and requirements.

In addition, these fabric dome shelters play a pivotal role in mitigating the impact of adverse weather on Thiess’ operations. Not only do they provide shelter for personnel, ensuring their safety and well-being during inclement weather, but they also serve as protective enclosures for valuable equipment used in large-scale earthmoving and mining activities. Given the dynamic nature of Thiess’ operations and the varying conditions across different mines in Indonesia, the versatility and adaptability of Allshelter’s solutions are paramount.

In conclusion, Allshelter was able to help Thiess protect their people and assets by providing a number of fully engineered and quality fabric dome shelters, all measuring different sizes.


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