Tranex Solar: Temporary Shelter Solution for Pre-Assembly Area


Project Install Time: 10 days

Location: Tasmania

Shelter Size: 12m wide x 12.19m long x 6.1m high

Purpose: Machine Storage and Pre-assembly Area Cover

Structure Type: Express Shelter


Solar farming in Australia has experienced significant growth in recent years, with the capacity of large-scale solar projects having expanded rapidly.

Ambitious renewable energy targets and the aim to become an environmentally sustainable country have prompted the Australian government to take significant steps in promoting and investing in the solar and renewable energy sectors. This has allowed solar contractors like Tranex Solar to expand and prove their expertise. Tranex Solar has taken this opportunity to establish itself as the most reliable contractor in the country, setting a new benchmark in terms of quality delivery and timely execution. With its state-of-the-art technology and highly-skilled workforce, Tranex Solar has consistently provided top-notch services to global companies aiming to build solar farms in Australia.

The Challenges They Faced

Tasmania’s cool temperatures are influenced by its southern latitude and oceanic surroundings, contributing to its renowned variability and rapid weather shifts. These conditions posed challenges for Tranex Solar, causing interruptions in outdoor work, especially within their pre-assembly area.

Their Shelter Needs

With a large contract for a solar farm, Tranex Solar required a temporary shelter solution for approximately 18 months to help with storage and pre-assembly. With an influx of 18 containers daily, all needing to be unloaded for the project, a shelter was essential to provide a comfortable working environment shielded from the elements.


Why Allshelter

With an extensive project already on the go, and a temporary shelter solution needed, Tranex Solar needed a shelter quickly and with few interruptions. Working closely with the company, the Allshelter team were able to provide a fully engineered shelter solution in their required time, therefore minimising the potential for increased downtime and decreased productivity.

Allshelter’s Express Range of container domes, renowned for its industry-leading 2-week (48 hours as of October 2023) lead time, proved instrumental for Tranex Solar. Through engagement with Tranex Solar, the Allshelter team designed and manufactured an inside-mounted container fabric shelter. The shelter measured 12m wide x 12.19m long x 6.1m high and was engineered to Wind Region A.

In conclusion, this collaboration exemplifies how strategic shelter solutions can play a crucial role in overcoming challenges and ensuring the seamless execution of large-scale projects.


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