Truck Workshop for Bisha Mining Eritrea


Location: Eritrea, Africa

Purpose: Truck workshop

Structure Type: Double-Stacked Container Mounted Shelter

Nestled in a geographical zone notorious for its susceptibility to severe storms and formidable winds, Bisha Mining found itself in need of a robust and meticulously engineered shelter to shield its invaluable machinery and equipment from the unpredictable forces of nature. Recognizing the imperative to safeguard their assets, the company embarked on a quest for a comprehensive and fully engineered solution that would offer not only protection but also operational convenience in the face of challenging weather conditions.

Bisha Mining had a specific requirement that extended beyond merely shielding their machinery. It extended to ensuring the well-being of their workforce and creating an environment conducive to efficient and safe work practices. In pursuit of this goal, the company sought a shelter solution capable of accommodating their substantial 789B-Truck – a sizable piece of equipment crucial to their mining operations.

double stacked container mounted shelter, outside mounted

Our Shelter Solution

To meet Bisha Mining’s standard, Allshelter provided meticulously designed and engineered double-stacked container mounted shelter. This innovative solution consequently served as an all-encompassing workshop, providing an ideal setting for maintenance and repair work on the formidable 789B-Trucks. Beyond its primary function of protecting machinery, this shelter also facilitated a cooler working environment, mitigating the harsh impact of the sun on both the equipment and the workforce.

The efficacy of the double-stacked container-mounted shelter lay in its ability to offer a multifaceted solution. It not only shielded the equipment from adverse weather conditions but also created a conducive and comfortable space for the workforce to conduct their tasks.

double stacked container mounted shelter

In the words of one of the first expats to utilize this innovative workshop solution, the impact was palpable. “I was one of the first expats to start using this workshop after it was constructed. It saved me from working in the sun whilst carrying out my duties on the 789B-Trucks.” This testimony underscores the tangible benefits of the shelter solution, emphasizing the value it added to the working conditions and overall efficiency of the mining operations at Bisha Mining.


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