Doors for Container Shelters (and Why They’re a Great Idea)


Image of fully enclosed Allshelter Container Shelters.
For ultimate weather protection, consider adding doors to your container shelter.

People buy container mounted shelters for a number of reasons – ease of install, temporary storage, relocatable (i.e. move it to another site), and for keeping the light and air in and the harsh weather out.  But what about applications that require security or containment? For ultimate protection and security, endwalls with doors can be added to your container shelters. 

Take a look at this video about adding doorways to your shelter.

Advantages of Doors

Adding doors to your container shelters is a great idea for two reasons – containment and security. 


If you’re using the shelter as a workshop, sand blasting & painting facility or for storage of perishable goods; it’s a good idea to install doors. This allows you to keep the structure enclosed, so that whatever you’re covering is protected from the weather. Jobs like welding or sandblasting & painting are best done out of the wind and rain. Installing a door helps you to control the environment. 

Image of an Allshelter Container Shelter with doors used as a sand blasting & paint facility
Sand Blasting & Painting Facility for IPCQ

On the other hand, there are also some works that produce dust or fumes. In some cases this needs to be extracted, rather than being released into the external environment.
Check out this container shelter facility set up with an extraction unit. 

Image of fully enclosed Allshelter Container Shelters.
Fully enclosed container shelter with doors (note extraction unit at the back of the shelter).

Security & Privacy

If you’re storing valuable machinery, stock, or even hazardous goods; it is important to keep the shelter locked (especially at night). Doors give you sturdy security and extra weather protection. 

Image of an Allshelter Container Shelter with large barn doors.

Types of Doors to suit Container-Mounted Shelters

Barn Doors

Combined with privacy and security, barn doors allow the easy of access, which means you can protect valuable assets such as expensive machinery and stock. These doors are held into position with sturdy sliding bolts which you can lock with a padlock for extra security. Barn doors are are available in both single and double door options. We recommend barn doors for smaller sized container shelters, as they can be a hazard when caught with the wind.

Image of a Container Shelter with a Barn Door


Bi-Folding doors are multi-section folding doors that concertina back to the side. They are hinged off the sides and are supported and guided at the top with a track system, which reduces the risk of them being caught with the wind. Bi-fold doors allow you to lock the shelter overnight, and create a wide open space to maximise access, airflow and light. They’re available as a single set (4.4 metres wide) or as a (double set 9.2 metres wide). Bi-fold doors are a great option for large container shelter structures, like when you need bigger openings for large machinery. 

Image of a Container Shelter with a Bi-Fold Door

Roller Doors

Roller doors allow for quick and easy access for vehicles and machinery, and offer sturdy security and weather protection overnight. These doors work by rolling up into a compact unit above the door opening. As a result, you can keep entry and exit ways completely clear. Roller doors don’t take up floor space. 

Image of Container Shelters with Roller Doors and Personnel Doors

Personnel Access (PA)

Allshelter personnel access doors (also known as PA Doors) are made of high quality steel for strength, security and durability. Personnel access doors are fully lockable, and provide easy access into your shelter when you require the structure to be completely enclosed. For example, for privacy or for working conditions such as containment.

Image of Allshelter Container Shelters with Personnel Doors

Check out what other accessories you can add to your container dome shelter. 


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