Dome Shade Shelter And Why They’re Important


The importance of a dome shade shelter.

Australia experiences some of the world’s most severe and harsh weather conditions. In particular, heat constantly threatens most of the nation, especially the more isolated and outback areas. Therefore it is crucial to protect those working in these environments from the heat and sun. One way of protecting workers and assets, is by utilising a dome shade shelter structure.

What is a Fabric Dome Shade Shelter?

Dome shade structures are an outdoor shelter design that can be used for a range of versatile uses across multiple industries. These industries include aviation, construction, industrial, mining, transport & logistics and waste management. They consist of a dome-shaped roof supported by containers, posts or concrete blocks, and are available in a range of sizes. Some uses include bulk storage, workshops, tyre change bays, assembly areas or spray booths, to name a few.

Allshelter engineers and designs fabric dome shelters that can be easily dismantled and relocated when needed. Made from high-grade C350 and C450 quality steel and translucent white Straatex®️ HDPE fabric, these shelters protect assets from the elements. Although the material lets light in, it reflects the heat, creating a cool area.

Quality steel framing covered with tensioned fabric.

Why Use A Fabric Dome Shade Shelter?

Australia’s intense sun is attributed to its proximity to the equator and the ozone hole. Those working in direct sunlight are at risk of skin cancer, dehydration, and other sun-related illnesses due to high UV radiation. Not only does the sun cause illnesses, but the heat affects a company’s productivity level.

Australia has many mine sites, with many located in remote areas of Australia. Sun protection is crucial for those working outdoors due to prolonged exposure to intense sunlight. Mining operations typically take place in open areas with limited shade, increasing the risk of sun and heat-related illnesses. By utilising fabric dome shelters, mine sites can improve the productivity of their staff by providing adequate working areas for workshops, tyre change bays and storage areas where it is still bright enough to work without artificial lighting during the day. Still, the heat is reflected off the shelter.

Similar to the mining industry, companies in the construction and industrial sectors can also benefit from some shade structures by protecting their workers when they are working in outdoor environments. Increased productivity and decreased downtime empower these companies and the people working within them.


What Are The Different Types Of Dome Shade Shelters?

The range of dome shade shelters can be extensive, with various mounting options, profiles and sizes. With every shelter need slightly different, fabric shelters offer a versatile and flexible solution. The flexible nature of relocatable shelters provides an ideal solution for sites that may only need a temporary or semi-permanent shelter.

The different types of fabric dome shade shelters include:

Container Mounted Shelters: Having the ability to mount to single-stacked or double-stacked containers, these shelters can come in a wide range of sizes. The High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric cover offers protection for people and assets, and the shipping containers also provide a secure storage area.

Post-Mounted Shelters: When space is limited, post-mounted shelters provide a shelter option that can offer the same level of protection with a smaller footprint. The design of these shelters not only allows for a more open area but also allows for 360° airflow.

Concrete Block Wall-Mounted Fabric Shelters: Minimising the risk of material contamination, leaching and run-off, block wall-mounted shelters are tough, providing the protection that bulk materials need.

Ground-Mounted Fabric Shelters: Minimal foundations needed and suited to uneven ground. Ground-mounted fabric shelters offer a cost-effective weather protection system that can easily be installed, providing the protection your business needs.

Large Span Shelters: Suited to large construction and mining projects, Large Span shelters provide a free span design, allowing easy access and large amounts of natural light.

Towable Shelters: When equipment can’t be moved to you, why not move the shelter to the equipment? Mounted onto a 15″ wheelbase, these shelters can be towed by any medium to large-sized vehicle.

Protection From The Elements

Industries like mining, construction, and industrial require reliable protection for their staff and equipment from the elements. That’s why fully engineered fabric dome shade structures are the go-to solution. Fabric Shelters made from quality Australian materials can offer the level of protection that your business needs, whether it be from the wind, rain or the sun’s heat.

Our shelter construction utilises Straatex®️ High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) fabric with an innovative exterior coating. This coating reflects heat and allows natural light, enhancing efficiency. The fabric’s pristine white interior and exterior surfaces enable this remarkable feature. Our dome shade structures feature meticulously engineered steel framing. The fabric undergoes sophisticated engineering, enduring and distributing external forces evenly.

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Organisations in Australia, especially those in the central and northern regions, must prepare for the sun. Ensuring the safety and protection of your people and assets is crucial in running projects efficiently. The sun’s impact on people and machinery is significant, emphasising the need for implementing safety measures. Dome shade structures offer shelter and a comfortable working environments for individuals working in various roles, and environments.

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