VSL Australia


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VSL Australia, a VSL Group subsidiary, is an expert in post-tensioning systems for civil engineering structures and buildings.

Case Study

In 1954 the Swiss Builder saw the opportunity to use prestressing innovative solutions as a means to increase production capacity in the Swiss market.

In 2013 VSL now operates worldwide in a network of some 50 locations, and holds numerous active patents, allowing it to offer its customers high added-value technical expertise.

VSL’s services and reputation are so widely known they were even involved in Repair and Strengthening works for The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The company has developed its own systems for bridges and buildings, as well as for cable-stay systems for large bridges.

With VSL always on the lookout for innovative solutions as a means to increase production capacity, Matthew Thomason, the Precast Manager at VSL Australia, contacted Allshelter seeking a solution to keeping his staff and equipment dry and under cover.

VSL recognised that the best solution was a container mounted shelter. After discussing requirements with Matthew it was found that the size that would suit best was a CA 10/12A, which is 9.95m wide, 12.20m long and 6.08m high. As this was in stock and ready for immediate dispatch Mathew decided that this was the solution he was looking for.

On analysing the wind ratings for the Thomastown, Victoria area it was decided that a Wind Region A specification was needed. A Wind Region A windrating specifies that shelters need to handle full gusts of up to 140km/h.

After delivery and installation of the Container Mounted Allshelter, Mathew was contacted by us to take part in a Survey that scrutinised exactly what our customers thought of Allshelter as a company as well as a product.

Mathew stated, “Our dealings with Allshelter have been smooth and simple.” And went on to say… “Any issues were promptly sorted out by the Allshelter staff. We will no doubt be dealing with Allshelter next time the need arises!”

We look forward to working with Mathew and the team at VSL Australia on their next project.

Case Studies