Why A Dome Shelter Vehicle Shelter Is The Best Fit For Your Heavy Vehicle Workshops.


The simple curved profile of fabric shelters creates an open, clear and light space for workshops, which are great for heavy vehicle workshops. The superior durability and stability of a dome shelter enable it to last in the harsh weather conditions that Australia faces. Fabric shelters are the perfect solution for heavy vehicle workshops such as tyre change bays, with a decrease in temperature and protection from dust and rain to the vehicle.

Dome shelter vehicles shelters are an excellent fit for all types of workshops, especially ones that need to house large vehicles.

Dome shelters are an excellent fit for all types of workshops, especially those that need to house large vehicles. They provide protection from the elements and can be relocated if needed. If you’re looking for a heavy vehicle shelter, look no further than Allshelter’s selection of dome shelters!

Dome shelters are relocatable and can be dismantled and moved when no longer needed in that location. They also come in different sizes so you can get the right one based on your needs. As one of Australia’s leading suppliers of temporary structures, we offer a wide range of fabric structures suited to the Mining, Construction, Aviation and Industrial industries.

A Dome Shelter is an ideal portable temporary structure for your workshop.

Dome Shelter containers are an ideal temporary structure for your site. The dome shape of the shelter provides excellent protection from the elements, and with varying wall heights, heavy machinery can be stored out of the direct sun.

A Dome Shelter vehicle shelter is a great fit for workshops because it offers:

  • Excellent weatherproofing properties – our domes are made from UV-resistant Straatex®️ HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) Fabric, which is waterproof, more resistant to corrosive materials and salt and abrasion. This means that even if it rains heavily, you’ll still be able to use your equipment without worrying about damage or corrosion happening as a result!
  • Even Lighting – The curved profile of the shelter and the translucent white fabric, when combined create a space with even lighting and no shadows. There is no need for LED lighting unless the shelter will be used during the night.

The designs and options available in dome shelter containers make them a good choice for workshops

A Container Mounted Dome Shelter is a good fit for a heavy vehicle workshop because of its wide range of options and configurations. There are many different sizes available and the option for inside or outside mounted so you can choose one that fits your needs perfectly. Dome shelters are also available with optional features like guttering, doors and lighting, making them even more versatile.

Dome shelters have been used by many different industries over the years, including construction sites, warehouses and even military bases! They’re great for storing heavy equipment such as dump trucks during storms or other harsh weather conditions because they protect items from wind damage as well as rainwater runoff that could cause corrosion on metal surfaces inside the shelter (which can lead to costly repairs later).

A Dome Shelter is your best option when you need to work on heavy machinery out of direct sun, and want protection from the elements.

A Dome Shelter is the best option when you need to work on heavy vehicles and machinery out of the direct sun

Fabric Domes can provide protection from the elements in a number of ways:

  • Sun – Although the fabric is translucent, letting the light in, the fabric minimises the direct impact, and reduces the temperature which is a benefit on sites that experience high temperatures.
  • Rain – Waterproof fabric combined with the curved profile, means the water runs off, rather than pooling on the shelter. Guttering is also available as an accessory which can help the shelter and containers cope with high quantities of rain.
  • Fire – In a fire-prone area? Straatex®️ fire retardant fabric is the perfect solution if you are wanting to protect your assets. When in contact with a flame, the fire-retardant fabric will only burn in the spot that it is in direct contact with rather than the flame spreading.
  • Wind – Fabric Shelters with sidewalls protect heavy vehicles from the strong winds that whip around isolated areas. Rocks, dust and dirt can be picked up in these areas, which can damage the vehicles and machinery.

Allshelter manufactures customised solutions to suit your vehicle warehouse needs and requirements.

Allshelter manufactures customised solutions to suit your vehicle warehouse needs and requirements. The designs and options available in dome shelter containers make them a good choice for workshops, as they can be tailored to suit the specific requirements of each site. Dome shelters provide protection from inclement weather while still allowing natural light into the interior space, which is important when you’re working on vehicles all day long!

A dome shelter is a great temporary structure ideal for heavy vehicle workshops

A dome shelter is a great temporary structure ideal for heavy vehicle workshops. A dome shelter provides you with the space you need to store tools and equipment, as well as providing protection from the elements.

For many mining and construction companies, they will not be at one site forever, instead, they move from site to site. Fabric Dome Shelters are designed to be temporary. They can be dismantled and relocated to the next site depending on their heavy vehicle and workshop needs.

If you don’t want to wait for your new dome shelter to be built, then our mobile workshop units are an ideal solution. These can be used as a temporary structure while the permanent building is being constructed, or they can provide additional space for storage and equipment during construction of the main facility.

Dome Shelter as tyre change bays

Container domes are the perfect solution for tyre change bays, with extra protection from the weather conditions for heavy vehicles and the people working on them.

One size is never going to fit every site’s needs, which is why we have a range of shelter sizes and profiles. Whether you are needing a tyre change bay for a large dump truck or a loader, fabric structures are a great solution, minimising shadows and temperatures and increasing productivity.


Fabric Dome Shelters are a great solution for heavy-vehicle and machinery workshops. They have many benefits over other types of shelters, including ease of installation, much lighter without the need for artificial lighting and durability. If you are looking for a shelter to protect your heavy vehicles, contact us today.


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