Express Warranty 101: Dome Shelter Frame & Cover


Express Warranty on our fabric shelters

Our fabric shelters are backed by a 10-year warranty thanks to our focus on quality and our triple ISO certification. We take pride in ensuring that our customers receive only the best products. In this article, we will dive deeper into our express warranty.

Our Express Warranty

With an industry leading 48 hour lead time, our express range of fabric dome shelters are of no lesser quality than our standard range of shelters. These fabric dome shelters are available at a fixed price and with the option of our selected endwall options.

Manufactured from the same high quality materials as our entire shelter range, these shelters come with a 10 year warranty. The express warranty covers:

  • High-Density Polyethylene Fabric Cover
  • Australian Engineered Galvanised Steel Hoops
  • All Main Frames Made From C350 and C450 Australian Steel
  • Extra Strong Roof Bracing for Future Endwalls
  • 8 Grade Galvanised Structural Nuts and Bolts

Whilst these shelters have a much quicker lead time than our standard range, they are no less durable or reliable. This is the reason we can still offer a 10 year warranty. Therefore, providing you the assurance and peace of mind when considering protecting your people and assets with fabric shelters.

What is our Express Offering?

Our Express Range of fabric shelters package up some of our most popular shelter solutions and selected endwalls into DIY kits with a fixed price and lead time. With the ability to mount to containers, posts or block walls, these shelters have a usable width between 3m-17m. This makes them a versatile and cost effective solution for a variety of applications.

These shelters have a range of benefits including:

  • 48 Hour Guaranteed Dispatch*
  • DIY Installation
  • Flexible
  • Modular Configuration
  • Durable & Relocatable

With the benefit of a fast lead time, express shelters are a great option for those who need something quickly. As a temporary shelter solution engineered to be permanent, the ability to relocate these shelters is a great advantage for a variety of industries.


Why Quality Matters

Our commitment to quality doesn’t end with our 10-year warranty. We understand the importance of choosing the right materials and manufacturing processes. This ensures the longevity and functionality of our fabric shelters. From the very beginning, our team of shelter specialists works tirelessly to design and engineer products that not only suit their clients’ specific shelter requirements but are also engineered to the latest Australian Standards.

Dedicated to quality, our focus is not only on the manufacturing but also on the installation of our fabric shelters.

Our Warranty Promise

As the manufacturer of all the shelter products we sell, we take full responsibility for the quality of our products. Because our products are Australian-made and engineered to the latest Australian Standards, we have complete confidence that our shelters will withstand the test of time and offer you a 10-Year Warranty.

We reflect our commitment to customers through our warranty policy, offering a 10-year warranty on all our shelter offerings, except for our HardTop and Towable range.

  • Allshelter’s HardTop shelters are a container mounted shelter, with a low profile Colorbond or Zinc Roofing. These shelters come with a 20 Year Guarantee.
  • Our Towable range is a fabric dome shelter that sits on a heavy duty 15” wheel base, which can be towed around site. An efficient solution when your assets are too big to be moved for maintenance, these shelters come with a 5 Year Warranty.

Apart from these exceptions, our 10 year warranty applies to all of our shelters.  Not only does the warranty cover the steel framing, the roof bracing and the nuts and bolts, but it also covers the Straatex®️ HDPE fabric. Having experience in the fabric shelter industry since 1999 and being the first company in Australia to design and manufacture a container-mounted fabric shelter, we can confidently assure you that we’ve got you covered for all your shelter needs.


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Invest in a quality fabric shelter fully engineered to the latest Australian Standards and backed by a 10-year warranty to protect your people and assets with confidence. Regardless of the industry, fabric shelters offer a versatile shelter solution that can serve various purposes. Furthermore, they have the flexibility to be dismantled and relocated if necessary at a later date. To find out how a fabric shelter can benefit your business, contact our team.


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