Container Domes on Construction Sites: Workplace Safety


Australia is known for its harsh weather conditions, as we experience extreme heat waves in the summertime and long periods of rainfall in the winter. This unpredictable water makes construction projects hard to complete, resulting in unwanted delays. These elements can damage the machinery and equipment, making these valuable assets dangerous to use and expensive to replace.

For people working in industrial environments like construction, these conditions are considered to be high risk. To prevent any injuries from occurring, it is the contractor’s responsibility to guarantee all workers are safe in the workplace.

Container shelters have become increasingly popular to install on construction sites for these reasons, with the aim to keep workers safe and to protect equipment.

This article will discuss how container domes on construction sites are necessary to protect and store machinery, and how specific features of container domes can prevent unfortunate accidents from happening. 

Weather Shelter

Weather can be unpredictable at times, and it is not advisable for workers to continue working in wet conditions. During the rainy season, the mounted shelters can be used to store machinery safely, as the area will keep the equipment protected until weather clears. If the machinery is not protected from the elements, the damaged equipment would be difficult to work with. This would therefore lead to disruptions in tight schedules that need to be adhered to.

Storage for Tools and Equipment

Container shelters serve as a temporary storage space for tools and equipment used on construction sites. This not only prevents workers from accidents like tripping over or mishandling items, but also protects them from any damage created by natural elements. Moreover, the tools will last longer if stored in the fabric shelter and will be protected from these harsh weather conditions.

At Allshelter, we offer free standing dome shelters that are easy to assemble and install. Each container mounted shelter is delivered in a handy kit form with step by step instructions on assembly. We do offer professional installations if you’re looking for a quick solution for your storage needs.


Mounted shelters are designed to be durable under any circumstance. The simple, quality, strong curve structure of our shelters has incredible strength and durability to resist pressure from the strongest external forces. At Allshelter, we use polyethylene fabric for our container shelters because the lightweight fabric structure is more resistant to abrasion from particles like sand, straw and dust. This waterproof material ensures that staff and equipment are protected from wind, snow and gravitational loadings.


Container shelters are designed to withstand any obstacle faced on construction grounds caused by nature. They are built to avoid any leaks and dripping from entering the interior part of the shelter, making container shelters extremely reliable. Ground-mounted shelters can even be installed on uneven ground and do not require a flat surface to be installed. This feature saves time and money, making dome shelters a cost-effective solution to ensure workplace safety. 

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Allshelter supplies a wide range of container shelters as a safety solution for workers. We offer different dome shelter sizes for your requirements. Contact us to discuss the container shelter best suited for your next project.


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