Wind-Rated Shelters: Ensuring Protection for Your Assets


Wind-Rated Shelters - Protection For Your Assets
Is your shelter wind rated?

In the vast, unforgiving landscapes where mining projects thrive, the weather can turn treacherous at a moment’s notice. In particular, harsh winds, can wreak havoc on exposed equipment, supplies, and workers, posing a significant challenge to project efficiency and safety. This is why having wind-rated shelters becomes paramount.

The Significance of Wind-Rated Shelters:

1. Protection During Sudden Winds:

Unlike some shelters, quality, fully engineered fabric structures are engineered to withstand high winds, providing immediate and reliable protection. For quality shelters, such as those offered by Allshelter, there’s no need for hurried cover removal; these shelters offer instant safety, ensuring your assets and workforce remain shielded in unpredictable weather conditions.

2. Uninterrupted Work for Maximum Efficiency:

With wind-rated shelters, work can continue seamlessly even when strong winds strike unexpectedly. Uninterrupted operations mean enhanced productivity, keeping your project on track and meeting deadlines efficiently.

3. Long-Term Cost Savings:

Investing in wind-rated shelters is an investment in the longevity of valuable assets and the productivity of the workforce. Avoiding repair costs and minimising downtime results in significant savings in the long run. Fabric shelters act as a safeguard, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring consistent performance.

What Standards Do Our Wind-Rated Shelters Comply With?

To ensure maximum protection to your valuable assets, fabric shelters need to be engineered to the latest standards. All our shelters comply with the latest Australian Standards AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 and have specific wind ratings tailored to the different regions:

  • A – 147.6km/h
  • B – 177.5km/h
  • C – 204.5km/h
  • D – 247.7km/h

These wind ratings guarantee the effectiveness of our shelters even in the face of the fiercest winds, offering unparalleled protection for your valuable assets and workforce.

Why Choose Quality Fabric Shelters?

With every project having its own unique requirements, it is important to know that your shelter will truly protect your assets. With a range of customisation options, and sizes, Allshelters fabric shelters can be tailored to meet your specific site needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your project. This combined with quality, you can have peace of mind that you have the best protection possible when sever weather hits allowing you to focus on your projects success.

Why Allshelter

For projects, where nature’s challenges are relentless, having the right shelters can make all the difference. Allshelter’s wind-rated shelters go beyond conventional protection, offering a level of security that ensures your project’s success. Don’t compromise on safety; choose Allshelter for wind-rated shelters that stand strong against the fiercest winds, safeguarding your assets and workforce with unparalleled reliability. Speak to our specialists today and experience the difference that superior protection can make in your projects.


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