Will Mine safety bulletin No. 124 affect you?


Will Mine safety bulletin No. 124 affect you?

In relation, to the recent Mine Safety Bulletin No. 124 ‘Structural safety of buildings, plant and other structures‘ Some, mine inspectors have been requesting all documentation confirming the structural integrity of any dome fabric shelters to ensure that they are engineered correctly for purpose.

It’s a good reminder to all, ensuring the importance of having the right engineering on your structural buildings & shelters.

Download Allshelter Compliance Overview to see how the compliance process works.

There are four main criteria in the Australian Standards that apply to all structural buildings.

  1. The Location.
  2. The Surrounding Landscape
  3. What’s the building is used for?
  4. Is it in a snow area?

Before we quote you a price, we will ask you the above questions, this helps us to ensure we give you the right shelter for the job.

You can be assured that you’ll be covered with the correctly engineered structure every time.

To confirm that your shelter is correctly engineered and for any documentation requirements that you may need for upcoming inspections. Please contact, Allshelter today.


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