Why You Should Use Dome Shelters for Large Scale Storage


fabric shelter used for large scale storage of dirt

Large-scale storage refers to the storage or preservation of significant quantities of goods, materials, or other resources on a substantial scale. This term applies to various industries and sectors, including logistics, agriculture, manufacturing, and information technology. Large-scale storage aims to efficiently manage and safeguard valuable assets or products for future use or distribution. Large-scale storage solutions are designed to accommodate each industry or sector’s specific requirements and logistics. This ensures the protection, organization, and easy access of goods, materials, and valuable resources when needed. These storage solutions are crucial in modern supply chains and logistics, helping organisations meet their operational needs and optimise their storage capacity.

Using Allshelter for Large-Scale Storage

Allshelter’s fabric shelters can play a valuable role in large-scale storage systems by providing suitable housing and protection for the various requirements. These versatile shelters create a protective environment that promotes efficiency and reliability in different projects, ensuring long-term success. Furthermore, their flexibility in design and quick installation make them an attractive choice for large-scale storage projects that require adaptable and cost-effective solutions.


A shelter can be an excellent storage solution for the following reasons:

1. Weather Protection:

Fabric dome shelters prove their weatherproof capabilities against harsh conditions, forming a protective shield around stored equipment. Fully engineered shelters are designed to endure powerful winds of up to 288km/h as per Australian wind rating D. Structures engineered to these standards provide reliable protection against heavy rain, hail and harsh sunlight. The durable construction minimises the risk of inventory damage, making it an excellent choice for projects that typically require outdoor storage

2. Temperature Control:

Some large-scale storage systems operate more efficiently within a specific temperature range. Allshelter’s fabric shelters can be up to 15° cooler underneath, which can help regulate the temperature to keep things cool. The Straatex®️ High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) white translucent fabric that is used, reflects heat, therefore, reducing the temperature within.

3. Relocatable:

Our shelters are designed for easy disassembly and reassembly, enabling temporary storage solutions. This portability offers flexibility, allowing you to adapt to changing project requirements or relocate your shelter as needed, reducing the logistical challenges of fixed structures.

4. Cost Efficiency:

Fabric shelters can help reduce capital expenses for large-scale storage projects, which may involve significant equipment costs due to being more cost-effective than a traditional structure or building. Not only do these shelters help with costs, but they also provide a protective enclosure that minimises potential damages. This can therefore prevent expenses related to replacements or repairs, which could otherwise burden your organisation financially.

Secure large-scale storage

How Can Allshelter Fulfil Your Industrial Large Scale Storage Needs?

Allshelter dome shelters are versatile structures that can be customised to fit various industrial storage needs. You can tailor the size, layout and configuration of shelters to your specific needs. This allows them to accommodate multiple industrial storage requirements, from small-scale areas to large warehouses. Adding flexible options such as end walls, artificial lighting, guttering, and many other things will help create the perfect shelter for your specific storage needs.

With such accessories, you can add doors to enclose containments inside the shelter. They can then be equipped with secure mechanisms to ensure the safety and security of stored items. This is crucial for protecting valuable assets and inventory from theft or vandalism.

Allshelter’s dome shelters provide a multifaceted solution tailored to meet the precise demands of industrial storage. They deliver a combination of security, adaptability, and cost-effectiveness for various applications.

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