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Is Allshelter right for you?
‘When you try to be everything for everybody, you run the risk of being nothing for nobody.’ Words to live by…

At Allshelter, over the past two decades, we have worked with clients who have chosen to work with us repeatedly. They do this because our team understands their needs and requirements and provides customized solutions to satisfy those needs. The feedback we have received is that Timothy, Bernard, Daryl, Matt, and Adrian have taken the time to understand their customer’s requirements and have actively worked with them to provide them the best solution.

How do our shelter specialists provide this level of service? It is not just because of our company’s values, or the hard work put in by the team. This of course plays a major part but there is an additional component- At Allshelter, we have consciously chosen to work with people and companies who understand the value we bring to the table. We have said no to people who we know we are not a good fit for and vice-versa.

So, who are the people and companies that we know we are not right for and vice-versa?

Those who think that a fabric shelter is a ‘cheap’ solution

We have had enquiries from people who think that they can save money by going for one of our container shelters instead of a traditional building or steel shed. Sorry to disappoint you, this is not going to happen.

As our products are engineered for specific wind regions and as per AU and global standards, our prices reflect this. A dome shelter manufactured by us will be used for protecting workers from the harsh weather conditions (both extreme heat and dust) as they service their equipment. There are significant human risk elements which our products help to mitigate. Hence, it is no surprise that our shelters won’t be a few thousand dollars which is what a tent or marquee will cost you.

That said, there are instances where a fabric shelter can cost less than a steel shed. For instance, if you want a structure that is to be put up in wind region C or above, a fabric shelter can be lower priced than a comparable steel shed structure. This is a result of innovative designing.

Bargain Hunters

We sometime get enquiries from people who try to negotiate on our price by giving us the prices of other dome shelter manufacturers. These prices happen to be significantly cheaper than ours and there is a reason for this.

Most of the cheap container shelters available on the market come in the standard sizes of 6m and 12m. They offer no customization and if you look a little closely, you will find that majority of these shelters are imported from overseas. They are not engineered for specific site conditions and are not designed to the Australian Wind Code / Australian Standards, which is probably why a lot of them fail.

They are also made from poorer quality materials:

  1. Thin tube framing, which typically contains around 30% of the steel that Allshelter uses (no wonder they turn into spaghetti in high winds!)
  2. Inferior fabric- imported structures generally use an inferior fabric which can deteriorate in the harsh UV and cause the cover to disintegrate. This is the reason why quality fabric shelter manufacturers use a UV stabilized fabric.

Those looking for something run-of-the-mill

Allshelter specializes in manufacturing and supplying engineered fabric structures and shelter domes to organizations primarily operating in mining, construction, defense, and logistics. Our aim is to make sure that our clients obtain the structure that they require, which allows them to run their operations efficiently and keep their people safe.

These shelter and storage solutions are quite different from carports, tents/marquees, and gazebos. This was not clear to some people as they approached us looking for these very kind of products.

As explained above, our shelter solutions are engineered products that are customized for specific site and weather conditions, including cyclonic conditions. They are too advanced and accordingly expensive to be used as carports, and for other run of the mill applications.

There were people who wanted to use our fabric shelters as horse arenas and our dome shelters as houses to live in! For the former, while we can manufacture a shelter that is similar in size to a standard sized horse arena, the pricing just won’t be competitive. For the latter, you might want to have a read of the Building Code of Australia which specifies what structures are considered residential (hint: our shelters do not make the cut).

Everyone’s time is precious, and we hope with this information we can save everyone’s time as people can understand for themselves if our products are right for them. If you are still not sure about whether we are the right company for you, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to guide you.


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