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With many differing opinions and conflicting stories dividing the internet, it can be difficult to judge which product or service is the right fit for your needs. Allshelter understands the importance of receiving and acting upon feedback from our customers.

Allshelter Container Domes and Shelter Customer Reviews

There are a number of key ideas that we tend to be consistently receiving in the feedback from our customers. These are:

1. Time Is Of The Essence

Motivated by the urgency expressed in “needed it yesterday,” the Allshelter team takes pride in delivering rapid responses. This commitment ensures that clients receive timely assistance and underscores our dedication to meeting urgent needs.

“Quickest response to email”

“The contacts I spoke to knew their stuff, and were very prompt in response.”

“The team was very friendly and prompt with their responses. Willing to resolve any issues.”

2. Professional and Friendly Team

After a positive customer service experience, 89% of consumers report they are more likely to return and make another purchase.

The team at Allshelter realises the importance of not only selling a top quality Australian made product, but also selling the experience of the customer journey. The team invests time in understanding each customer’s needs, providing the client with peace of mind that they will receive a tailored solution suited to their specific requirements.

“Very quick replies to queries and quote requests. Also offered alternatives that suited us better once they realised what we were needing.”

“I have dealt with this requirement before and found Allshelter to be THE dome people within the industry.”

“The team at Allshelter were a pleasure to deal with, and were always prompt to answer any questions we had.”

“Your ability to communicate with us to keep us updated on the progress of our shelter. Very hard to find this sort of assistance these days.”

3. Pricing

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

We know we aren’t the cheapest Fabric Dome Shelters supplier in the industry, but you pay for what you get. However, Allshelter emphasises the value of paying for a quality Australian-made product.

“Very good quality product and provided in a very short timeframe for a competitive price.”

“Price was best out of 3 other similar suppliers. All round, it was an easy and non-complicated deal.”

4. Quality Product

Quality is our top priority. So when we build our fabric dome shelters, we adhere to strict ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Healthy and Safety, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards.

“I reckon after 4 years, the sun belting down on us, this is the best thing [the shelter] we’ve ever had. It went through the cyclone we had come through here, I think it got down to a category 2 when it came through here and she’s still standing. It’s fantastic, she’s a beauty.”

“It was an excellent choice for a portable shed but with all the necessities of a permanent shed.”

“I have the assurance that our parts and products are being stored safely and securely. I highly recommend Allshelter for any storage or protective solution requirements that you may have.”

5. Care About The End Result

With a proactive approach, our team are always aiming to make a seamless process for our clients. Our team are passionate about assisting [you] not only through the sales process, but also during and after installation.

“Service and delivery was able to be changed to meet other activities going on in our yard.”

“Great installation crew with a proactive attitude towards safety.”

“We had a more complex build and the Sales Rep and the team helped us right through to the end.”

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