Warehouse Solutions for Remote and Hard to Access Areas


Warehousing solutions for your industrial needs.
Warehouse solutions for remote and hard to access areas

Wherever your project is, when considering warehousing solutions, it’s important that your equipment and workers are protected. This means you will need to provide a shelter that is appropriate for their needs, and the location. Given the extreme variation in landscape and climate across Australia, a one-size-fits-all solution won’t always work.

Finding and installing shelters poses challenges everywhere. In remote or access-restricted areas, the difficulty intensifies. Companies face hurdles in finding suitable warehousing due to resource scarcity, travel distances, harsh weather, security, and limited manpower.

Fortunately, at Allshelter, we have experience in dealing with the unique challenges that come with finding warehousing solutions for remote areas and difficult sites.

Just recently, we completed a project with Leighton Contractors on a massive construction site near Darwin in the Northern Territory. The project highlighted challenges in locating suitable warehousing solutions for a site with key location issues. It showcases successful strategies used to overcome these obstacles.


The scope of the project was to provide a covered warehouse area for the storage of bulk goods, and also to provide a covered workshop area so that vehicles and equipment could be maintained under shelter. As well as this, the client asked us to provide them with expert advice on the concrete slab and the connections between the shelters and the concrete slab.

Some of the particular challenges of this project included:

  • Getting materials onto site through a slow security process.
  • Adverse weather conditions and the need to continue working through the rainy season with constant lightning strikes.
  • The requirement for adequate clearances in the design.
  • Limited equipment and skilled labour were available on the site,  therefore, the shelters needed to be designed with easy installation in mind.


Leighton Contractors addressed strict security access by constructing an on-site warehouse. It ensured secure storage for project materials throughout the duration.

The warehouse also provided all-weather access and allowed the team to continue working throughout the rainy season, while remaining protected from the elements.

Through close client collaboration, Allshelter designed, engineered, and manufactured two shelters precisely meeting requirements, especially regarding clearances. The end specifications were:

  • 1 x SCALS3554C – 35m wide x 54m long x 13m high – Including 2 x Full Doorway Endwalls, 2 x Bifold Doors and 2 x PA Doors
  • 1 x SCALS3530C – 35m wide x 30m long x 13m high – Including 2 x Full Doorway Endwalls, 2 x Bifold Doors and 2 x PA Doors

The shelters were meticulously crafted, with close attention to detail. Although these shelters were designed to ensure easy assembly with minimal skilled labour and equipment needed, the Allshelter team were there for installation.


The client was very happy with the final product. Allshelter was able to meet client specs, deliver and install the  shelters within the budget and timeframe, ensuring complete satisfaction.

Working with experienced providers is crucial in remote or challenging locations. They manage site-specific challenges effectively for reliable shelter solutions.

At Allshelter, we are experts in warehousing solutions for remote and challenging sites. Contact our team to learn more about our services or to discuss your requirements in details.


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