Two Easy ways you can save on Maintenance Costs with a Fabric Shelter


Two Easy ways you can save on Maintenance Costs with a Fabric Shelter

Maintenance of business assets is extremely important. Maintenance on plant and equipment is carried out to prevent problems arising, to put faults right, and to ensure equipment is working effectively.

Businesses can control spirally maintenance costs with a regular maintenance schedule. Suitable protection from inclement weather and dedicated on-site maintenance areas are just two ways in which you can save maintenance costs with a fabric shelter.

  1. Protection against the weather

Business owners and project managers in all industries find weather hard to predict. Whatever the weather, all companies need to adhere to maintenance schedule plans and obligations. Using fabric shelters helps to keep equipment maintenance on schedule so that businesses can continue to provide on-time products and services to customers.  Fabric Shelters offer you:


If your business uses equipment that you need to move about regularly, either on or off-site. A towable shelter that is on wheels and can moved according to your business requirements. Or consider a Container Shelter, they are engineered to be a permanent structure but designed to be relocatable. Whether you need to perform vehicle maintenance or keep a variety of assets covered for protection, the ability to move shelter from site to site can save money, time and effort.


Allshelter provides varying sizes and styles of fabric shelter to suit an enormous range of assets. Whether you want to protect something as small as a forklift or need an area large enough to change the tyres on a large mining truck, Allshelter has you covered.

  1. Dedicated on-site maintenance areas

When it comes to maintenance and repairs, transporting equipment off-site on can be expensive. Fabric shelters provide a cost-effective alternative. With a fabric shelter installed right on site, you can perform maintenance & repair work right where the assets are situated on-site.

Running an efficient operation gives your business a competitive advantage. Contact Allshelter today to find how you can improve costs in your maintenance operations area.

Some Industries that benefit from using fabric shelters for Maintenance Areas:  

Aviation – From terminal buildings and hangars, the aviation industry uses Allshelter Aeroshelters to store and maintain anything from ultralights and crop-dusters to helicopters, passenger and military planes.

Construction – Maintenance of large vehicles and heavy equipment is crucial on a construction site. The ability to perform crucial maintenance onsite saves both time and money.

Industrial – In nearly every warehouse delivery trucks and forklifts are a must have. Using Allshelter fabric shelters as dedicated maintenance areas helps prevent using valuable warehouse space.

Mining – Proactive Maintenance is important to keep downtime to a minimum. From Mining trucks to large complex mining equipment, Allshelter covers the maintenance area.


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