The Evolution Of Our Container Dome Shelters


Container Dome Shelter Evolution

The container dome shelter evolution, a revolutionary shelter discovery that has changed the way thousands of companies operate.

The Container Dome Shelter Evolution

Whilst curved structures have been around for thousands of years, it was the idea of a container-mounted shelter that really revolutionised industries such as mining, construction and industrial.

In 2003, after 4 years in the fabric shelter industry, a customer request led Allshelter to discover the container shelter. Within a few years, the new and unique shelter solution had become an ideal shelter option with companies across the globe realising the full scope of these shelters.

The container dome shelter evolution provided a shelter solution that was cost effective, quick to erect and of high quality, allowing it to remain as a more permanent solution.


The Original uses of Container Dome Shelters

Being a timely solution to shelter needs, the container mounted dome shelters were created primarily to address the mining and resources sector’s demand in Australia for a durable, swiftly deployable, and relocatable shelter that could be utilised as a temporary solution at various sites.

The container mounted dome shelters became a timely solution to shelter needs. Designed to meet Australia’s mining sector needs, they provide durable, swiftly deployable, and relocatable solutions for use at multiple sites.

Other industries soon began to realise the full potential of container mounted dome shelters. This led to the shelters being used for a range of uses such as aircraft hangars and storage across many industries including military, agricultural, aviation and industrial companies.

Since then, the idea of fabric shelters mounting to containers has become increasingly popular, with the concept being adopted by a variety of industries and organisations for various purposes, such as pre-casting facilities, workshops, tyre change bays and even covid-19 testing when the pandemic began.

How have we Evolved from Our Original Container Shelter?

Knowing how quickly the business world changes, and with the concept of our first original container mounted shelter, that not only transformed the nation, but the world consistently in our minds, we are continuously thinking of innovative ways to improve our products and services to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Whilst we offer custom shelter solutions for non-standard sizes / specific needs, our range of container mounted shelters has grown inevitably. Offering a wide range of sizes and profiles, our container-mounted shelter solutions adhere fully to the latest Australian standards. We ensure certainty in protecting your assets, regardless of your shelter needs.

Expanding from the traditional range of post mounted, ground mounted and container mounted shelter solutions, we have been industry leaders in designing and manufacturing fabric shelter solutions. Since 2003, our range has broadened to include block wall mounted, free span and towable shelters as well as the iconic Hard Top shelter.

The continuous expansion of our shelter range, encourages companies to grow and change with today’s world, empowering them with the best possible shelter solutions to protect their people and assets, no matter where they are located.

Who uses Container Dome Shelters?

Container dome shelters are used for a variety of purposes across multiple industries, including mining, construction, industrial and aviation. With a quality shelter solution that is durable and robust, companies have the ability to use a fabric shelter for a wide range of versatile uses.

Many mine sites feature fabric dome shelters because companies can relocate these shelters as needed. Mining companies never stay at one location permanently, so they need a solution engineered to be permanent but designed for relocation. The kit form package that the shelters come in, reduce the carbon footprint when being transported, making it a much more cost-effective solution than a traditional steel clad building, particularly when the site is more isolated. Reducing downtime during shelter installation greatly benefits many companies, enabling them to swiftly protect their people and assets from harsh weather conditions.

Mining companies typically use fabric dome shelters for:

  • Tyre change bays
  • Machinery & equipment storage
  • Maintenance workshops
  • Warehousing & bulk storage
  • Site shutdowns
  • Staff camps
  • Assembly areas

Construction Industry

Similar to mine sites, construction sites are never permanent. With the majority of construction jobs never lasting more than a few years, a relocatable shelter solution is perfect. With quality weatherproof material, fabric dome shelters provide protection from the elements, and allow you to have your tools and equipment handy. Construction sites typically use fabric dome shelters for:

  • Maintenance workshops
  • Assembly area/ breakroom
  • Bulk storage of equipment or goods
  • Precast facility
  • Onsite manufacturing & assembly
  • Soil remediation
  • Dry worksite cover
Container Dome Shelter Evolution for Construction Sites

Industrial Uses

Fabric shelters provide a cost-effective and functional working environment with a wide range of benefits for industrial use. By providing companies with the opportunity to extend their covered area without the need of having to make extensive renovations, fabric dome shelters give industrial clients such as marine, waste management and manufacturers a cost-effective solution, with the ability to relocate if the need arises. The clear span design allows for maximum storage and easy equipment manoeuvrability benefiting companies across the industry. The wide range of uses across the industrial clientele include:

  • Extra warehouse & storage
  • Equipment & machinery storage
  • Sandblasting & painting
  • Maintenance shed
  • Bulky good storage
  • Manufacturing shops

Aviation Uses

Container mounted fabric shelters feature a clear span design, providing a versatile solution for safeguarding and housing aviation aircraft. Fabric shelters accommodate various aircraft sizes and heights, ensuring comprehensive protection and secure storage for diverse aircraft dimensions.. Dome shelters offer an economical, owner-controlled solution for small aircraft storage, reducing the need for leased hangars. The aviation industry tends to use fabric shelters for:

  • Aircraft shelter and hangars
  • Workshops
  • Equipment storage
  • Maintenance sheds
Aviation container dome shelter installation

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Since the evolution of container mounted fabric dome shelters, fabric shelters have become increasingly popular across many industries. Their versatile uses combined with their many benefits, provides a solution that people feel confident about. Contact our team today for more information on how we revolutionised the fabric shelter industry or to request a quote! 


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