The Benefits Of Hard Top Shipping Container Roofs


Even though Allshelter started our journey by providing advanced quality engineered fabric covered shelters, we took this same advanced quality and engineering to our Hard Top container shelters.

What Are The Benefits Of Allshelter Shipping Container Roofs?

We like to break the glass ceiling of the ‘norm’. Allshelter’s Hard top shipping container shelters is the industry’s first shipping container hard top roof with a 20 year guarantee which covers the steel and framework. The flexible nature of these shipping container roof kits, allows them to be mounted on 20 foot or 40 foot containers. Allshelter’s Hard Top shipping container shelters are a low profile when compared to Fabric Shelters, making the Hard Top shipping container roof fast and easy to install without the need to work at heights.

What Sizes Do The Hard Top Shipping Container Roofs Come In?

Available in 6 sizes, for wind regions A & C, the fabricated steel shelter is the perfect option when considering the protection of your assets and a steel roof cladding is the preferred option over a fabric cover.

Installation Of Hard Top Shipping Container Roofs

Similar to Fabric Shelters, fabricated steel shipping container roofs are quick and easy to install. Supplied as a kit form, the Hard Top Shelters can easily be constructed whilst minimising the need to work at heights due to the low profile. If in doubt about the installation of a Hard Top Shipping Container Dome, Allshelter offers professional installation.

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