Tefol: A Workshop for Weather Protection


Project Install Time: 16 Days

Location: Muswellbrook

Purpose: Workshop for Boilermakers and Heavy Mechanics

Structure Type: Double Stacked Container Dome

Tefol is a reputable company offering specialised products and services to Australia’s mining, transport, and civil industries. Their comprehensive mining services include:

  • Line Boring
  • Mobile Milling
  • Laser Alignments and Flatness Checks
  • Liquid Nitrogen Supply
  • Machinery Ladder Access System Parts and Repairs
  • Complete Machining Services, and
  • Equipment Components, Including Service Exchange Items.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Tefol has established itself as a reliable partner in the industry.

Their Shelter Requirements

Recognising the need to boost their operations in Muswellbrook, Tefol created a purpose-built workshop for boilermakers and heavy mechanics. This workshop played a vital role in protecting workers from adverse weather conditions while working on heavy machinery, ensuring their safety and well-being. Thus enabling the efficient and effective maintenance and repair of large-scale machinery, it was essential for the shelter to have ample space to accommodate mining trucks, including dump trucks.

Our Solution

Having carefully assessed the shelter requirements and gained a deep understanding of Tefol’s specific needs, we successfully provided a tailored weather protection solution that precisely catered to their requirements. The final shelter solution was:

  • Double Stacked Container Mounted Fabric Shelter Mounted to the Inside of 40ft Shipping Containers Measuring 14m wide x 12.19m long x 11.21m high.
  • A Full Endwall with Barn Doors Measuring 4.51m wide x 6.04m tall.
  • Engineered to Wind Region A – Withstanding Winds of up to 147.6km/h

Double Stacked Fabric Shelter Dome

Why Allshelter

Tefol’s decision to partner with Allshelter for this project was driven by its renowned reputation and extensive expertise in providing top-notch shelter solutions. With a long-standing history of delivering dependable and long-lasting shelters, Allshelter emerged as the preferred choice for Tefol. Moreover, our unrivalled ability to collaborate closely with Tefol and tailor the shelter to align with their unique requirements perfectly played a pivotal role in the selection process.

In Conclusion

Tefol’s investment in an Allshelter shelter for their Muswellbrook project showcases their unwavering dedication to creating a secure and productive work environment for their team. By selecting a reputable provider like Allshelter, Tefol ensured that the shelter perfectly aligned with their specific requirements and standards, ultimately boosting the efficiency and safety of their operations in Muswellbrook.


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