Keeping It Out of the Weather with a Shipping Container Cover


The solution for covering Clayton's Towing response equipment.

With depots scattered across major towns in QLD, Clayton’s Towing Service is a reliable provider of towing and recovery services, covering vehicle towing, heavy towing, machinery and equipment services, and major incident response services.

Clayton’s Towing faced the need to safeguard their response equipment, essential for efficiently handling and cleaning up large accident scenes. This equipment, including excavators and the response shuttle, required protection from harsh weather conditions. Allshelter’s container shelters emerged as a viable solution.

The significance of a covered area for equipment storage was pivotal for Clayton’s Towing, driven by considerations such as:

  1. Machinery & Equipment Maintenance: Exposure to the open environment accelerates wear and tear on vehicles and equipment.

  2. Rapid Deployment of Vehicles & Equipment: Storing vehicles and equipment in an easily accessible covered area ensures swift deployment.

After thorough evaluation, Clayton’s Towing opted to collaborate with Allshelter, utilizing their shipping container shelter solution.

shipping container cover

Advantages of a Shipping Container Cover?

  • Allshelter’s shipping container covers were tailored to meet specific site requirements.
  • The solution effectively protected equipment from adverse weather conditions without compromising required size.
  • Sufficient height in the Allshelter solution allowed Clayton’s Towing to store their excavators.
  • The shipping containers additionally offered extra storage space.

Mike Clayton from Clayton’s Towing expressed extreme satisfaction with the results, showcasing the effectiveness of the Allshelter shipping container cover in meeting their unique storage and protection needs. Learn more about this project here!

“Allshelter provided us with a solution and I highly recommend them”

Mike Clayton
Claytons Towing

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