Relocatable Shelters: Your Mobile Solution for Project Operations


Container Mounted Relocatable Shelter Installation

Are you considering a mobile solution for your next project? Whether you need a warehouse, workshop, or even an assembly area on your construction or mining site, our fabric dome shelters offer a convenient solution without the need for lengthy installations. Here’s why you should consider a relocatable shelter for your project needs:

What is a Relocatable Dome Shelter?

Dome shelters, although engineered to be permanent, are designed to be relocatable, meaning they can be moved to different sites as required. At Allshelter, our relocatable shelters feature a strong modular steel framework covered by a durable waterproof membrane. The design of these shelters make them quick and easy to assemble, requiring no specialised team. Instead of requiring extensive foundations, they have a range of hold down options, including piers and ballast, providing full protection against various weather conditions.

Advantages of Relocatable Shelters:

1. Time Saving Benefits:

  • Quick installation: Relocatable shelters don’t require perfectly level ground, allowing for rapid setup without extensive site preparation. The quick and simple erection, also allows on-site works to continue with minimal disruptions.
  • Easy assembly: Packaged into DIY kits, fabric domes are easy for anyone to install, eliminating the need for specialised installation teams and ensuring immediate usability.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions:

  • Easy mobility: Relocatable shelters can be dismantled and relocated, eliminating the need for additional permanent structures and reducing relocation costs.
  • Cost-effective versatility: These shelters offer an affordable way to meet various needs, from machinery storage to workshops or warehouses, without the expense of permanent constructions.
  • Reduced construction costs: Unlike permanent shelters, minimal excavations and/or concrete pouring is necessary, saving substantial construction expenses.

3. Flexible and Customisable:

  • Lease-friendly: As they are not permanent, relocatable shelters can be used on leased properties, providing flexibility in site selection.
  • Optional additions: Customise shelters with various optional features to tailor them to specific project requirements.

Choosing a relocatable shelter for your temporary project can significantly enhance your project efficiency, saving both time and money. These portable structures offer a flexible, cost-effective, and customisable solution for various applications without compromising quality or durability. To learn more about our range of relocatable shelters and discuss your project needs, contact our specialists today.


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