Quality Portable Shelters Built For Permanent Use


Designed to be temporary, engineered to last! Quality, Australian made fabric shelters have the ability to be relocated, when no longer needed at that specific location. With versatile uses for multiple industries, fabric dome portable shelters offer a solution to your shelter needs.

What Makes A Fabric Portable Shelter?

Fabric shelters are an ideal solution for industries such as mining and construction, where they are constantly moving to new sites and projects or need to relocate infrastructure as the site expands and changes. 

There are 3 main features that make fabric shelters relocatable:

  1. The shelter comes in kit form
  2. Bolt together connections
  3. Simple fabric cladding 

Relocatable Shelters For Mining Sites

The constant expansion of mine sites, makes it difficult to install a permanent structure on site. Fabric Shelters enable mining companies to have assurance that they will be able to use the shelter for many years to come, even if it needs to be relocated. 

Majority of Australia’s mine sites are located in remote areas, usually prone to extreme weather. Fabric shelters minimise downtime for mining sites, facilitating year-round operations with swift installation and reduced temperatures beneath the shelter.

Relocatable Shelters For Construction Sites

With medium term projects constantly on the go, construction companies are never working on the same site/project permanently. Whether the need is for an assembly area, precast facility or for storage of bulk materials or machinery, fully engineered fabric shelters provide a shelter solution that protects assets and has the flexibility to be relocated.

Quality Matters

Quality is a top priority when it comes to protecting your people and assets. This is why we adhere to strict ISO standards when designing and manufacturing our fabric structures. Fabric structures meeting the latest Australian standards offer peace of mind, ensuring they withstand site conditions for the best solution to your business needs.

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