Protecting valuable stockpiles with a custom shelter designed to suit existing infrastructure


Talison Lithium is a leading global producer of lithium with projects in Perth, Western Australia.

The lithium produced by Talison Lithium is used in batteries for consumer electronics, electric bicycles, buses and passenger vehicles. It is also used in aerospace alloys, wind turbines, glass and ceramics.

The Greenbushes Lithium Operations are located in Greenbushes, Western Australia. Talison Lithium was looking for a solution to cover the lithium stockpiles for this project. They needed to create a barrier from the wind and they also needed to protect the stockpiles from rain as it was causing the product to become heavy which in turn increased the shipping costs. 


Allshelter needed to create a stockpile cover that could mount to existing concrete walls and also had to span over the existing 14-meter high conveyor system. Each structure had to have a full-width opening into the concrete bays that were 30 meters wide. The shelter needed to have a 7 meter clearance height throughout so that machines with fully raised buckets could operate.

The ends of the shelter had to be closed off but still contain access that allowed room for the conveyor with elevated work platforms and personnel access along the overhead walkway. Talison Lithium requested no supports protruding over the wall that could collide with machines and damage the structure. 

This project had to be completed without disrupting the regular production of the operations, it also had fit within the given budget; something a traditional structure could not do.

How we went about it

Allshelter worked in consultation with Talison Lithium on all of the designs and solutions. After a design had been agreed on, Allshelter provided budgetary pricing for Talison Lithium. Allshelter also sent two senior representatives to the building and installation site in Perth, Western Australia to do a full assessment and to discuss further ideas with the Talison Lithium management. The pricing provided was very attractive compared to other more traditional methods, and the turnkey project was approved by the board.


 We provided Talison Lithium with a custom wall mounted fabric shelter which measured 20m wide x 60m long x 15m high.

This shelter was the best solution for Talison Lithium, not only did it meet all the requirements but it is also internally brighter and well ventilated. The shelter provided a large storage space for the lithium stockpile which met all needs as outlined by Talison Lithium.

 Allshelter designed and managed the project from our head office located in NSW. The structure was manufactured near the projects location in WA to reduce the costs.  A local WA construction company was used for the installation with an Allshelter supervisor to manage the installation of the fabric shelter.


Talison Lithium were extremely satisfied with the final results as the shelter solution was almost half of the price of steel shed and it also has the ability to attach to existing concrete walls. Another key benefit was the fact that the new shelter was internally brighter.


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