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How Allshelter helped Pacific Tug with a Sand Blasting & Painting Facility

Case Study

In the dynamic landscape of marine services and land-based logistics, Pacific Tug has emerged as a stalwart, renowned for providing top-tier vessels, well-maintained equipment, and comprehensive towage and execution plans for intricate sea transport requirements. As a key player in the Australian maritime sector, Pacific Tug continually seeks innovative solutions to enhance their operational efficiency.

With a focus on cost-effective and efficient containment options, Pacific Tug sought a solution for their sandblasting and painting operations in Murarrie, QLD.


Allshelter, recognised for its expertise in crafting tailored solutions, embraced the challenge presented by Pacific Tug. The project demanded the creation of two shelters, each measuring 14m in width, 12m in depth, and 8.5m in height. These shelters needed to feature partial end walls and therefore adhere to the engineering standards of Wind Region C.

In addition to the shelters, Allshelter took a proactive role in assisting Pacific Tug with an efficient slab design, a strategic move that minimized the need for extensive piling.

How We Went About It

To ensure a solution aligned with Pacific Tug’s unique needs, Allshelter engaged in thorough consultations with the Pacific Tug team. This collaborative approach involved discussing various project options and understanding the nuances of their sandblasting and painting operations.


The outcome of this collaboration was the provision of two CATA1412 shelters with partial end walls, meticulously engineered to meet the specifications of Wind Region C. Beyond merely meeting project requirements, these container domes and shelters stood out as the optimal solution. This offering not only cost-effectiveness but also valuable additional storage space for Pacific Tug.

Allshelter’s commitment to project success was further exemplified by their project management team, ensuring seamless design, manufacturing, and installation processes. The team’s dedication played a pivotal role in the successful execution of the project.


Pacific Tug were extremely satisfied with the final results. This testament to Allshelter’s commitment to excellence and client satisfaction solidifies their position as a trusted partner for organisations seeking innovative and customized shelter solutions in the maritime and logistics sectors.

“Allshelter not only provided a top quality product, but also really good service… the support I got from the guys all the way through the process. They (Allshelter) responded very quickly to our requirements. I would come back to Allshelter every time I need a shelter from now on.”
Ian Walters – Pacific Tug

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