Do you need to manage odour in your business?


Do you need to manage odour in your business?

From waste treatment plants to dairy farms, all businesses must correctly manage the odour they produce.

Understanding offensive odour

Odour (or smell) is experienced when one or more chemical compounds in a gaseous form stimulate the sense of smell (the nose). Odours are also commonly called scents and can be pleasant or unpleasant (a stink or stench).

Reactions to odours can be very subjective. An offensive odour is one that affects the general life, health and wellbeing of an individual as a result of the intensity, character, frequency and duration of the odour.

Types and sources of odour

Odours can come from many different sources, but the typical kinds of odours are from industrial sources and premises such as sewage treatment facilities, abattoirs, animal renderers, landfills and composting facilities.

  • Compost and organic waste
  • Rubbish odours
  • Landfill gas odours
  • Industry Machinery Odours

Why do you need to control odours?

Controlling odours is an important consideration for protecting the environment and our community comfort.

Section 15a of the Clean Air Act 1961 makes it an offence for odours to be detectable by authorised EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) officers outside premises scheduled under the Act [1] EPA are required by law to follow up any complaints received by the public in relation to odour emissions from a business or industrial premises.

Lastly, providing a pleasant work environment for all employees never goes unnoticed. Employee productivity, moral, health and well-being will all improve when the smell of the workplace is enhanced.

How can Allshelter help with you with odour control?

Allshelter Fabric Shelters structures come with numerous benefits that help with odour control:

Natural Ventilation: An Allshelter Fabric shelter with both ends open has maximum natural airflow through the building structure

Curved Building Profile: creates a natural vortex volley and means that smelly and hot air will rise making it a more pleasant work environment.

Large Clear Span Interior: gives area of machinery to operate with no intrusion from supporting steel beams.

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It is possible to detect odours scientifically and measure their impact on the environment. Once this is done there are different methods of control that can be implemented, depending on the source of the odour and various other factors.

Allshelter has nearly 20 years of experience, helping Australian businesses to control the odours that they produce. Contact us today, to invest a fabric shelter , to save any fines from EPA authorities.




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