Maximise The Use Of Your Storage Container Shelter


Container Mounted Shelter

In industrial, construction, and mining sites, efficient storage solutions are crucial for maintaining a well-organised and productive workspace. A storage container shelter, such as a fabric dome is an innovative solution that has gained popularity in recent years. These shelters provide versatile and robust storage spaces that cater to various needs.

In this blog, we’ll explore how you can maximise the use of your storage container shelter, highlighting its benefits and offering insights into custom shelters, installation, and more.

Maximising Your Storage

Storage container shelters are incredibly versatile, therefore making them ideal for various industries. These shelters can accommodate diverse storage needs, from heavy-duty equipment and machinery to raw materials and construction supplies. Furthermore, their adaptability is crucial in optimising your storage space on industrial, construction, and mining sites.

The curved profile of dome shelters eliminates the need for interior support columns. Whilst this is a seemingly simple design feature, it has a profound impact on the shelter’s functionality, allowing maximum usage. By eliminating the need for interior support columns, dome shelters create a vast, open expanse of storage space. This unobstructed interior enhances the ease of movement within the shelter and maximises the storage capacity. Without the worry of navigating obstructions, these shelters are ideal for storing large equipment, machinery, and materials.

Furthermore, when these dome shelters are mounted onto shipping containers, they introduce an additional utility layer. With the ability to be fitted with robust locking mechanisms, shipping containers can serve as secure storage units where equipment and materials can be stored.


Incorporating Storage With Work Space

Large sites are becoming more and more prevalent in the mining and construction industries. Hence, the demand for storage and sheltered workspaces close to crucial work zones is paramount. These expansive sites often span vast land areas, making logistics and efficiency critical to a successful operation. Fabric Shelters can provide such places, with their versatile nature allowing for storage and workshops under one roof.

Having storage facilities and workshops near their main work areas eliminates the need for time-consuming and labour-intensive transportation of equipment, materials and tools for sites within the mining and construction industries. Proximity minimises disruptions to work activities, reduces transport costs, and ultimately leads to improved project efficiency.

The Benefits of Fabric Shelters

With a comprehensive array of uses, heavy-duty fabric shelters offer many benefits, making them a precious investment across various industries and applications. Their benefits include:

  • Relocatable: Engineered to be permanently and designed to be relocatable, fabric shelters can be dismantled, transported and reinstalled if your operation needs change.
  • Flexible: You can mount it on the inside or outside of shipping containers to suit the width of your space and storage requirements.
  • Extreme Strength: High-quality shelter igloos are manufactured from state-of-the-art materials, such as Australian-made and certified steel and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) fabric. Those designed and engineered to the latest Australian standards can withstand winds of over 300km/h.
  • Easy to Install: Supplied in a compact kit form, these shelters come with simple step-by-step instructions, enabling you to set up your shelter without requiring a specific team or skills. However, if you need help, we offer professional installation for our shelters.
  • Minimal Foundations: Depending on your site requirements and the size of the shelter, fabric domes require much smaller foundations than traditional buildings.


Storage container shelters have emerged as a game-changing solution for those seeking to optimise their storage capabilities and operational efficiency. The versatile nature of these shelters provides weather-resistant storage and offers customisation options. This capability allows shelters to be customised and tailored to meet various site needs. By embracing the benefits of fabric container canopy shelters, businesses can reduce downtime, streamline operations, and protect valuable assets. Depending on your site’s storage needs, the innovative design of fabric shelters can genuinely protect your people and assets.

Contact our team today if you are considering a fabric shelter for your storage needs.


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