Why FMGL choose Lightning Protection Shelters for remote Cloudbreak minesite.


Why FMGL choose Lightning Protection Shelters for remote Cloudbreak minesite.

FMGL (Fortescue Metals Group Limited) has firmly established itself as one of the world’s leaders in iron ore production and sea-borne trading. It all started with a feasibility study by a Vacation Student from FMG’s Mine Services Maintenance division at Cloudbreak minesite. Fortescue was specifically looking into designing and implementing shelters for use as refuelling stations large enough for mining trucks to drive through.

These mining trucks would be as tall as a CAT 793 and sometimes larger, in fact, the largest of these vehicles would be 7.1m in height, 8.295m in width and 14.1m in length.

FMG initially was looking at covering an area of 24m in length and 18m in width but only really needed a clearance of 2m around the vehicles. To achieve the necessary heights they elected to utilise double stacked shipping containers in their design which automatically gave them a 5m height clearance meaning the shelter would only be needed to increase that clearance by 4m making it a 9m clearance and ample enough for FMG’s requirements. Good ventilation was a must for their staff and the fact that we could supply fire retardant covers was of great benefit.

One concern raised by FMG was whether lighting and other electrical components could be attached to the shelter or would they have to attach these to the shipping containers?

These concerns were quickly allayed as you are able to attach these items with ease to Allshelters’ high strength lightweight framework. Even though an Allshelter can be made translucent, there is no real need for lights during the day but it was pointed out that lighting was predominately necessary as they operate 24/7. On reviewing the information received they decided that their best option would be a CALS 20/4-26A to be placed on ballast filled double stacked 40ft containers with weld on leg supports.

In good time we received an email from the Mine Services Maintenance Superintendent, at FMGL – Cloudbreak stating “Back in December I had my vacation student engineer working on the below project and it’s just been given the green light to proceed.”

The Remote fuel cell lightning shelters, (as described by FMGL at the time), were booked for manufacture and delivery whilst Allshelters’ engineering team, worked with them on finalising the container placement and anchoring design.

After delivery FMGL decided that they would prefer to have one of Allshelters professional, and certified, installation teams handle the assembly of all 4 shelters. Even though an Allshelter comes with a complete, simple to read, installation handbook, FMGL felt that they would use the best people for the job and have it done right the first time round.

The installation was booked for the last week of 2012 starting with machinery schedules that were to be completed for FMGL, mobilization, 2 day induction in Perth and The complete Work Health and Safety documentation package that all had to be submitted before our team could be booked to go onsite.

The installation team, consisting of 5 Allshelter installers, estimated 28 days to complete the install of 4 x 20m wide, 26m length and 9m high Double Stacked Container Mounted Shelters.

The conditions on site were some time difficult and made the install interesting.

Whilst they were there they had cyclone warnings, strong wind, rain, extreme 50C heat and dust storms to contend with.

On keeping to a deadline of 28 days the team worked for 10 days straight then had 5 days R&R. Only 4 of the 5 installers were able to return to site to complete the project. Even with the challenges, the project was completed 2 days earlier than anticipated – a total of 26 days instead of 28.

Needless to say that FMGL was impressed by the expedition and professionalism of not just our installers but also encompassing our customer service and technical departments.

Today, FMGL are currently taking advantage of their new, well ventilated, container mounted shelters and have found, as expected, that when the temperatures are soaring, the best place to be is under an Allshelter.


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