Is your shelter wind rated?


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Is your shelter wind rated?

Many gas and mining projects are located in remote areas with some of the harshest weather conditions on earth. It’s essential that when bad weather strikes, any shelters you have don’t let you down. If your shelter isn’t weatherproof, it could leave machinery, equipment, supplies and your workforce exposed, costing you time and money, and even potentially endangering your employees.


Weather can be unpredictable, especially in the case of high winds. High winds can often cause a surprising level of damage, and unlike many other types of weather, can come on suddenly without any warning.


Although many shelters on the market are built to withstand rain and sun, far fewer have passed the rigorous safety standards required to be windproof. In many cases, shelters are only wind rated when it comes to the ability of the frame to withstand wind, not the cover. Allshelter shelters are the only shelters that are categorised as being windproof, even with the covers on. This means that by using an Allshelter product, you can rest assured that your machinery, equipment, supplies, and employees will be protected against all eventualities, even the harshest weather conditions that nature can provide.


Why is wind rating so important?


When you’re working in an exposed area, high winds can strike at any moment and very quickly destroy any shelter that isn’t able to withstand them. Although the frames of many shelters are wind rated, if windy conditions come on suddenly, there may not be time to remove the covers, which could cause damage to whatever is being kept inside as well as to the frame of the shelter itself.


By using a shelter with a high wind rating even with the cover on, there’s no need to worry if high winds strike at a moment’s notice. Your equipment will be protected, and employees will be able to continue working, improving your efficiency, safeguarding your workers, and reducing costs.


At Allshelter we have the only full product range which is wind rated with covers on. This means that no matter which one of our shelters you are using, you can be sure that it will be able to withstand the harshest conditions and provide high levels of protection, without the need to scramble around trying to remove the cover if high winds strike.


Damaged shelters and equipment cost money and take time to repair and you may need to also factor in the cost of lost productivity. By ensuring that your shelter is wind rated according to the climate and terrain, even with its cover on, you can make sure your employees and equipment have the highest possible levels of protection.


How do you know if your shelter is wind rated?


We can guarantee that all our shelters are wind rated, and comply with safety guidelines and accreditation. There are a number of different types of accreditation depending on the region. All of our shelters come with ISO 9001 accreditation, which is the international standard.


Our shelters also have specific wind ratings to comply with the different wind codes, including:

  • A – 147.6 km/h
  • B – 186.8 km/h
  • C – 227.1 km/h
  • D – 288.3 km/h

Wherever you’re working, it’s essential that your shelter is wind rated to suit the conditions, in order to offer the highest possible level of protection for your equipment and workers.


Are you looking for a wind rated shelter for your next project? Speak to one of our experienced specialists today to find out how the Allshelter range can help you.


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