Australian shelters designed to weather any storm


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Australian shelters designed to weather any storm

Oil and gas projects operate in some of the harshest environments on earth, with temperature and weather events playing havoc with operations and increasing operational costs. Protection of employees, equipment and other key assets is critical; shelters are needed to protect from temperature fluctuations, moisture and debris, and must be strong enough to withstand even the most challenging and temperamental environmental conditions.

Allshelter offers clients an Australian made industry-leading shelter solutions to protect their on-site assets, with expert engineering and weather ratings that surpass anything else the Australian market offers.

“The key lies in the expertise of our team,” an Allshelter director said.

“We work closely with each individual client to establish what their needs are and how Allshelter can not only meet those needs, but exceed them.”

Allshelter was established in 1999 with goal of providing high quality weather protection systems to cover the widest imaginable range of assets. Since its inception the company has expanded to become the Australasian market leader, successfully supplying weather protection systems across Australia and as far away as Brazil, Africa, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Indonesia. Allshelter operates with the consistent goal of remaining the leader in its field, both in Australia and the wider international arena.
In the resources sector, Allshelter’s products are commonly used by mining and oil and gas companies and contractors for a range of applications, including shutdowns, bulk storage, contractor work, weather protection, maintenance and repairs, assembly, workshops, paint enclosures, stores, muster points, break areas and walkways. Shelters are constructed from a strong Australian steel frame and a weather resistant cover- engineered to meet the individual site specifications –and can easily be erected, dismantled and moved with minimal manpower.

An Allshelter representative said clients approached Allshelter with a description of their requirements, and the company’s expert engineering team then created a tailored fabric shelter design to suit the specifications.

“This is key to the strength and durability of our products – our designs are engineered to suit the site where they are deployed.” He said.

“Once on site, the dome shelters are generally erected by an on-site team of five or so people, so it’s a quick and easy process that can see even the largest shelters set up and ready for use in a matter of days.

“From first discussions with a client, an Allshelter solution can be provided to site in as little as two weeks. This is especially important when a project is starting up, because time equates to money, and a delay or holdups can seriously impact the economic efficiency of the project.”
He also said that the capacity for easy dismantling and movement, should the need arise for the shelter to be relocated, was inherent in every Allshelter design.

“Start-up projects can be unpredictable – a shelter may be erected and then need to be moved – and Allshelter designs lend themselves well to being moved around site with minimal fuss.” He said.

For sites that experience extreme weather, Allshelter designs are the obvious solution for keeping staff out of the sun in a cool, comfortable working environment, or protected from rain and wind.

Significantly, all Allshelter designs are wind rated with their covers on – in fact; they are the only complete product range of their kind on the market to have achieve such a rating.

“Many structures are wind rated without their covers – so just the frame – but Allshelter’s offers the same rating with their covers in place,” an Allshelter director said.

“In many mining regions, severe weather can strike at relatively short notice and there may not be time for covers to be removed from all structures. This is where Allshelter excels; covers remain on throughout high wind weather conditions, so users don’t have to face the risk and take the time to remove the covers from our structures before the weather tunes nasty.”

Since 1999 Allshelter has achieved many accreditations, including certified compliance with Occupational Health & Safety Management AS/NZS 4801: 2001, Environmental Management ISO 14001: 2004 and Quality Management ISO 9001 for the design, manufacture and installation of structures and shelter systems.

Allshelter’s products are supplied with a warranty guarantee that the company’s competitors simply cannot match: a full 10 years on all structural frames and covers. This is particularly valuable to clients who operate in areas prone to harsh weather conditions.

“We offer our unprecedented warranty because we stand behind the products we produce – we believe they are the best on the market,” an Allshelter spokesperson said.

“We also have a team of after-sales support staff on hand who can provide advice and assistance to clients, and Allshelter professionals can be mobilised to site if required.”

“When dealing with us, clients can always look forward to being met by professionalism and courteousness on their journey through the design, selection, ordering and installation processes.

“Our products are of the highest engineered quality as we understand that our customers want investment certainty including durability, longevity, safety assurances and efficiency.”

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