5 Reasons to Choose a Steel-Framed Fabric Shelter


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5 Reasons to Choose a Steel-Framed Fabric Shelter

In today’s uncertain economic environment and at a time of rapid change in many industries, keeping expenses as low as possible has become a high priority for most organisations. When it comes to your shelter requirements, whatever your industry, there are plenty of ways that you can save money. Using a steel-framed fabric-covered shelter has a number of advantages, in terms of cost savings, durability and functionality. Here are five benefits that using a steel-framed fabric shelter can have on your business’s bottom line.

  1. Quick to deliver and easy to relocate. When you have a deadline, you can’t afford time for assets to sit idle and unused. Steel-framed fabric-covered shelters can be on site as quickly as you need them, meaning no wasted time and resources waiting for shelters to be built or transported. They are also easy to dismantle and move, great for projects that are moving from site to site.
  2. Increased productivity. Shelters provide workers with protection from the elements, and help them stay cool in hot conditions. This can improve their productivity in hot weather and reduce downtime due to adverse weather, thereby saving you money.
  3. Steel-framed fabric shelters are light enough to be illuminated by natural light during the day, saving money on power bills. At night, the curved shape allows for the most efficient light distribution with no dark corners or edges.
  4. The fabric covering of these shelters is made from blockout and semi blockout high strength woven polyethylene, which is heat resistant and cool in summer, and keeps the warmth in during winter, saving on heating and cooling costs.
  5. These shelters are suitable for a wide range of different uses, including in the industrial, mining, and construction industries. They are also ideal for military uses or community shelter needs. They are versatile and adaptable, which saves you having to purchase different shelters for different purposes.

Steel-framed fabric-covered shelters can save you time, money and resources, a priority for most organisations. The easy-to-construct, versatile design of the shelters along with the superior UV resistant and light resistant properties can help you improve your productivity, keep your employees comfortable and healthy, and use the shelters for a number of different purposes.

To find out more about the different shelters that are available, or to discuss your particular project needs, contact us at Allshelter today.


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