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How Allshelter helped IPCQ with a Sand Blasting & Painting Facility

Case Study

In the dynamic realm of corrosion control and protective coatings, IPCQ (Industrial Protective Coatings QLD) stands out as a seasoned specialist, boasting over 46 years of expertise in abrasive blasting and protective coatings applications across Australia. Their commitment to excellence and comprehensive corrosion control services has earned them a distinguished reputation in the industry.

In their continuous pursuit of operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness, IPCQ identified the need for a robust containment solution for their sand blasting & painting operations in Eagle Farm, QLD.


The scope presented a challenge and an opportunity for Allshelter to craft a tailored solution. The requirement was a shelter measuring 17m in width and 60m in length, complete with endwalls and large doors.

Interior of shelter designed for sand blasting & painting

How We Went About It

In addressing IPCQ’s unique needs, Allshelter engaged in close consultation with IPCQ, delving into the intricacies of the project and exploring various options to ensure a solution aligned with their objectives.

Interior of shelter designed for sand blasting & painting


Allshelter, leveraging their design, engineering, and manufacturing prowess, crafted a bespoke shelter precisely meeting IPCQ’s size requirements and specifications. The meticulous attention to detail showcased the commitment to delivering a solution tailored to IPCQ’s operational nuances.

Allshelter’s project management team played a pivotal role in steering the project from inception to completion, ensuring seamless execution and adherence to timelines.


IPCQ expressed utmost satisfaction with the final results. The robust and quick installation of the containment option delivered by Allshelter not only met IPCQ’s immediate needs but also showcased a commitment to long-term operational efficiency. The success of this project demonstrates the capabilities and collaborative spirit that drive success in the corrosion control industry.

“Been great service. We had no issues putting it up. I would recommend this company’s dome work to any other people interested.”

Greg Jensen – IPCQ

“Took three days for sixty-odd metres here to install. I recommend Allshelter to anyone.”

Steve – IPCQ

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