How To Install Fabric Repair Tape on your Fabric Shelter


fabric repair tape
Your fabric shelter got a small tear or hole? Just tape it to repair it!

If your fabric shelter has encountered a small hole or tear, you can install fabric repair tape to repair it. In this way, you’ll allow your fabric shelter to continue protecting your assets.

So, how do you do it? Check out these steps and tips so you can successfully repair your fabric shelter. And yes, you can do it yourself! Tape it to repair it!

How to install an Allshelter fabric repair tape on your fabric shelter

What is Fabric Repair Tape?

Fabric repair tape is an adhesive tape made of the same fabric for a durable and quick repair to small damage (e.g.: small hole).

In preparation for your repair, you’ll need:

  • Allshelter’s Fabric tape
  • Warm soapy water
  • Brush or cloth (for cleaning)
  • Cloth for drying


  1. Before anything else, ensure the area around the hole or tear is clean. Wash the area using a brush or a cloth with warm soapy water. Dry it down with another cloth.
image showing cleaning the shelter

2. Give the area a final wipe down with the cleaning alcohol & dry cloth, to remove any residual grease or oil.

image showing cleaning and drying the shelter

3. Measure the correct length of tape and cut neatly from the roll.

image showing cutting repair tape to length

4. Carefully peel the release liner off the back of the tape and apply to the affected area.

image showing peeling the liner off the tape

5. To ensure maximum adhesion between the tape and the shelter, apply pressure evenly over the surface as you place.

image showing the repair tape being placed onto the shelter

Additional tips to get the most of your fabric repair

image showing extra tips for the repair
  • The minimum outside temperature for an effective repair is zero degree Celsius.
    If your area is colder than this while you are trying to do a repair,you can use a heat gun to warm the fabric and the repair tape prior to application.
  • Use a flat piece of timber or steel behind the repair tape to apply pressure to the area by using a round or smooth object and sliding along its length.
  • This repair tape is best suited for managing small tears and cannot be used in place of heat welds or to hold two pieces of fabric together.

To learn more about ways to repair damaged fabric shelters, check out this article.

In summary, a fabric shelter is sure a significant investment, but it’s also sure to last longer and return the favor if you take good care of it. Repairing it when needed is one of the ways to maximize its longevity.

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