How fabric shelters can improve workers productivity?


How fabric shelters can improve workers productivity?

How Fabric Shelters can improve worker productivity?

The workplace environment impacts employee moraleproductivity and engagement – both positively and negatively. Do you know what affects productivity at your organisation?

Many studies have proven that the working environment has a direct impact on employee productivity and morale, so it makes perfect sense to generate a workspace that is conducive to the wellbeing of the workforce.

Fabric shelters can create a more effective working environment on the construction site by  improving the temperature, lighting & weather protection which enables employees to work harder, efficiently and more effectively.


Ideal temperature for maximum productivity is 21 Degrees Celsius. [1] Maintaining the correct & most productive temperature can be a double win for business: reducing energy expenses & maximising employee productivity. Whether the environment is too warm or too cool or just fluctuating in temperature can cause employees to workers to be low on focus & distracted. Fabric Shelters covers are climate sensitive and can keep buildings up to 20°C cooler in the summer and 20°C warmer in the winter.


The importance of lighting should not be overlooked as it can have a significant effect on employees’ general sense of wellbeing. Did you know that poor lighting can affect an individual’s behaviour, mood and even hormonal balance? It is worth checking whether the current lighting available is sufficient, and not negative impacting employees. It is also worth bearing in mind one simple fact: Natural lighting has been shown to result in happier workers, less absenteeism, and fewer illnesses. [2] Fabric Buildings don’t normally require artificial lights, even on overcast days due to the even spread of ‘natural light’ that is allowed through the fabric shelters which saves on high power costs and leaves no shadows or dark corners.

Weather Protection

Especially on remote & open construction sites, having areas of the site where worker can either be in the shade or out of the elements can significantly impact the worker productivity. Whether they are on break or just looking for a spot out of the weather while they finish their works. Providing an area,  that gives weather protection can significantly increase productivity.

Employee Engagement is the relationship between a construction worker & the company. Providing the proper facilities & improving the workplace environment can go a long way to impacting your bottom line. Contact Allshelter today on 1800 90 8888 to find more about helping to improve your workplace conditions with an Allshelter container dome shelter.

[1] Good Productivity in the Office: The importance of Room Temperature 

[2] How Office Lighting Affects Productivity


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