Why Kamoto Copper chose Allshelter for weather protection


The Kamoto Copper story.

Case Study

Kamoto Copper Company operates a large-scale copper-cobalt project with substantial high-grade mineral reserves and integrated metallurgical operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Kamoto Copper Company SA were looking for a cost-effective cover, but something that would hold up to the harsh conditions of the African environment.


Allshelter needed to create two 26m wide x 90m long fabric covered shelters – in this case ‘Relocatable Shelters’ to protect and store the material/product in the bulka bags from the elements in the site of Kamoto Copper.


We provided Kamoto Copper with two shelters suited to the wind and weather conditions of the region.

These shelters were the best solution for Kamoto – not only did the shelters provide valuable cover and protection for their stock but allowed for more expansive storage solutions for future development.

Allshelter’s project management team ensured successful project design, manufacture and installation.

The uses of fabric shelters are many and varied. Nowadays, installing a fabric shelter could be considered as one of the wisest investments you can make for your company. A resilient fabric shelter is an asset that can protect and preserve your valuable assetsIt has great features to boot.  It’s easy to install and provides natural light. It’s is relocatable and flexible. It can portray different protection and storage roles for many project sites for specific businesses in different industries—from mining, construction, industrial, waste management, to aviation.

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Like Kamoto Copper, you can choose the Allshelter brand. Allshelter has been meticulously crafting and installing different types of proudly-Australian-made, ISO-certified, wind-rated, and truly resilient fabric shelters made with only high-quality materials since 1999. We can customize container domes and shelters based on your preferences that can last more than 20 years yet backed up with 10-year warranty.


Client feedback

  • Cheaper investment than steel sheds
  • Quick to erect compared to a steel shed


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