How a relocatable shelter can keep projects on track


How a relocatable shelter can keep projects on track

Have you ever wondered why your projects come in over-budget and after the scheduled completion date? Most managers believe it is due to missed estimations or poor management. Whereas that is sometimes the case, it is more often due to unforeseeable site delays. The majority of those delays could be prevented with proper utilisation of relocatable shelters. In this blog, we will discuss how to save a considerable amount of time & resources helping to keep your projects on track.


5 Tips to Stay On-track without employing more Personnel

Number 1, keep your employees working at peak capacity by providing a cooler place to work. Workers employed in outdoor occupations such as surface mining, construction and farming are deemed to be high risk groups for occupational exposure to heat. By utilising relocatable shelters with UV Stabilised Fabrics, which reflect damaging rays frLeighton Contractors Ichthys LNG Project
om the sun, you can provide a safer, cooler work place for your personnel. They will stay fresher and work harder because they will not be as easily dehydrated, which saps their energy and their motivation.


Number 2, utilise a relocatable shelter to save on extra Capex expenditure from unexpected project changes. Capex is estimated to increase 10 percent over a project when regulatory conditions about the location or size of a project change. Allshelter Relocatable Shelters are easy to install and require less manpower. You will save valuable resources and use fewer personnel when that shelter needs to be moved. When conditions in the mine or petroleum drilling change, these units are easily dismantled and relocated with a small crew – no special team required.  Thus the job can go on as scheduled, keeping you on-track to finish on target.
Number 3, be proactive with site remediation planning before project begins. If you don’t plan and manage your remediation works carefully, your project could face increased costs, lengthy delays, loss of production and poor community engagement. Allshelter Relocatable Shelters only requires anchors – not foundations. We utilise anchors for maximum strength and so they can be bolted directly to existing concrete slabs on site. Since there is minimal ground penetration, there is no worry or any added costs of site remediation at the end of the project, again saving you time on your projects.  


Number 4, decrease your energy expenses by using a fabric building for shelter. Allshelter relocatable shelters are nearly opaque, the light naturally pours through even on overcast days. This means there is no requirement for lamps or lights during the day. Additionally, the reflective nature of the fabric will help spread the light and fully illuminate the inside of the shelter at night, so you will need fewer lights and use less electric power, saving money on expensive electric power both during the day and at night.


Number 5, use quality & guaranteed products to save on expensive site delays due to breakdown. Since all of our products are made in Australia & New Zealand, all the material and workmanship that goes into our relocatable shelters meet or exceed AS/NZS 1170.2:2011 design requirements, it allows us to provide you with a ten-year warranty on the frame & cover. We can provide the shelter you need right away, whatever your project, whether for mining operations, construction site, bulk goods warehouse, environmental protection for contaminated water or lay-down area for incoming and outgoing goods, we have the relocatable shelter to fit your needs at a price that won’t break the budget; in fact, it will certainly save you money.


In conclusion, in order to stay on-track and finish those contracts on schedule and within budget, utilise strong, weather resistant relocatable shelters by Allshelter for all projects. Keep your personnel cooler and protected while on the job, relocatable shelters require less manpower to move, fewer maintenance requirements allow your personnel to focus on the job rather than the shelter, and save you big money keeping you within budget. Contact Allshelter today on 1800 90 8888 for suggestions on the best solution to your shelter needs.


Interesting Fact: Petroleum and mining projects are estimated to take in nearly $200 billion in 2015 & 2016; $50 billion will be in LNG alone. See how our recently relocatable shelters provided the best solution possible for Leighton Contractors Ichthys LNG Project

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