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In the construction and mining industries, time management on their projects is crucial. With large sites often having multiple companies working on the same project, the project must run to schedule. Any delays not only impact the one company but also have a negative impact and inconvenience on all other companies working on the same project. One way of mitigating this issue is to get container domes direct to your site location, providing the much-needed shelter quicker and more efficiently.

Why Get Quality Container Domes Direct

Fabric shelters are quickly becoming a popular option for many companies in the construction and mining industries due to their lightweight and compact design. In addition to being easier to handle and transport, these shelters also have a much smaller carbon footprint during delivery. This means that companies can receive their shelters faster and with less environmental impact. Additionally, the reduced size of these shelters means they can be used in a wider variety of locations, providing flexibility in project planning and execution.

Our Completion In Full On Time Promise

With such a diverse range of shelters available, our manufacturing lead time can differ depending on the type of shelter, the size and the accessories required. The team at Allshelter pride themselves in manufacturing quality shelters and delivering on our promises. 

While many companies consider fabric shelters just a small part of the project, it is crucial to deliver and install them promptly to ensure the protection of your people and assets. Getting container domes direct to your location can allow your project to run smoothly and efficient. That’s why at Allshelter, we ensure that we streamline and make our manufacturing process efficient to meet your project deadlines. We also have a team of experts who can assist you with installation on-site to ensure timely completion of your projects. At Allshelter, we understand the value of time in completing a project, and we work hard to meet your expectations.

Delivering quality domes direct to your location.

Installation of Fabric Shelters

Although engineered to be permanent, fabric shelters are designed to be temporary. This allows for simpler installation methods than steel sheds or other buildings alike, providing the option of self installation. We offer professional installation services to ensure timely completion of your projects, although DIY installation is an option.

The installation of fabric dome shelters can be somewhat summed up with the below points:

1. Site Preparation:

The site of the shelter needs to be prepared before installation starts with the site levelled out and any debris or potential hazards removed.

2. Foundations:

Foundation types and requirements differ depending on the type and size of shelter being installed. Your best foundation options and requirements will be discussed with you during the initial conversations. Suitable foundation or anchoring system needs to be installed before the installation of a fabric shelter. Some types of shelter foundations include, concrete slab, ballast and piers.

3. Placement of Containers or Other Mounting Systems:

Depending on the type of shelter being installed, the containers or other mounting systems need to correctly placed and secured to the foundation.

4. Fabric Cover Installation:

The installation of the fabric cover needs to take place on a day with little to no wind. Prepare the designated area as outlined in the manual before laying out the cover for installation. Once the fabric cover is ready, pull it over the framework and secure it with the provided fastening systems. For the longevity of your fabric shelter, ensure you tension the cover correctly

5. Finishing Touches

Once the shelter is installed, it is important to make sure everything has been secured correctly.

Dome shelters are a great way to protect your people and assets. Whilst they are designed for DIY installation, professional installation is also offered. This ensures that your shelter is installed correctly and provides you with peace of mind. Whether you install your shelter yourself or choose professional installation, dome shelters are a great way to protect your assets.

DIY Installation of Fabric Dome Shelters allows for a relocatable shelter that can be delivered direct.

Why Allshelter?

The Allshelter team can provide you with assistance throughout your dome shelter project. From initiation to completion, we guide you at every stage of the project, meeting your project needs. In situations where time is a critical factor, fabric dome shelters can provide a much faster solution. Additionally, delivering them to your site is easy, which reduces transport costs and minimises the carbon footprint.

Not sure what fabric shelter to chose for your site?

We have a library of Revit files in our BIM (Building Information and Modeling) section on our site where you can visualise the shelter you require on your site.

Contact us discover the benefits of fabric shelters for your project and to experience direct delivery to your location.


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