Fabric Shelters: What Fabric Shelter Sizes are Available?


Variety of container mounted shelter
Fabric Shelters: What Fabric Shelter Sizes are Available?

If you’re interested in Fabric Shelters, you might be interested to know there is a vast range of Fabric Shelter types and sizes available. In most cases, the size options offered by a fabric shelter supplier are ‘standard’ sizes, and are generally pre-engineered (unless you’re after something completely custom).  Sticking to these ‘standard’ options generally means that you’ll receive a quicker lead time and a better price.

To explain in more detail, let’s go through some of the common fabric shelter types and sizes.

Container-Mounted Fabric Shelters

Container-mounted Fabric Shelters (known as as Container Shelters) are constructed by mounting the fabric dome on top of standard shipping 20ft or 40ft shipping containers.

image of container-mounted fabric shelters

In the container shelter space, you’ll find most companies offer various lengths or configurations which are based on the standard lenthgs of shipping containers. These will typically be pre-engineered – check out our article on the importance of fabric shelter engineering.

Here are some details on Allshelter’s container-mounted shelter range:

  • Set lengths of 6m (approx. length of a 20ft shipping container) and 12m (approx. length of a 40ft shipping container). Remember, extra length can be achieved by joining container shelters together, which gives you various configurations to work with – 18m, 24m etc. In theory, you can go as long as you want!
  • Various set widths from 5m to 30m wide (e.g. 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 12m…. etc.)
  • Express Range available: within the standard range of container shelters, Allshelter have a range of standard container shelter configurations which have a guaranteed short lead time.

Free-Span Fabric Shelters/Fabric Buildings

Free-Span Fabric Shelters are also known as Fabric Buildings. They’re used for covering large areas, generally as an alternative to large, traditional steel sheds (for uses such as warehouse, mining equipment maintenance, bulk storage, assembly & construction areas). There’s really no limit to the span, height or length of these shelters. The advantage (as the name suggests) is they are free of posts, giving maximum useable area and un-interrupted workflow.

image of a fabric building or free-span shelter

Fabric buildings are not as common in Australia as some of the other shelter types, so you might find they aren’t offered as a shelter solution by many other suppliers.

Post-Mounted Fabric Shelters

Post-mounted shelters are constructed by placing the fabric dome on top of steel posts. The advantage of post-mounted shelters is that the shelter can be accessed from all angles – each end as well as the sides!

image of a post-mounted fabric shelter

Here are some details on Allshelter’s post-mounted shelter range:

  • Set lengths of 6m, 12m, 18m & 24m, however can obviously be customised as necessary
  • Set widths are the same as the container-mounted range, varying from 5m right up to 30m wide.

Walkway Shelters

Walkway shelters are a fabric dome configuration, designed to mount to sites sheds or shipping containers to cover walkway areas between site amenities and site offices or for covering walkways between site accomodation buildings.

image of walkway fabric shelters

Allshelter’s Walkway Shelters come in standard widths, varying from 2m wide to 4m wide.

There are many other options available when it comes to choosing fabric shelter sizes and types.

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