Why Evolution Commercial chose a container shelter for secure storage of valuable marine products


Evolution Commercial storing valuable marine products in Allshelter Container mounted shelter
Why Evolution Commercial chose a container shelter for secure storage of valuable marine products


Evolution Commercial, a market leader in the marine industry, was in need of shelter to protect their goods and materials in Henderson, Western Australia. Evolution Commercial is dedicated to providing valuable services and products to their customers. 


Allshelter’s storage and protection solutions are applicable to any type of need. Evolution commercial needed a storage solution to cover components for a Super Yacht. Evolution Commercial makes quality a priority, so this shelter needed to provide the utmost security and protection. 

How We Went About It

Allshelter collaborated closely with Evolution Commercial to find a solution for their specific needs. Our shelter needed to provide a secure storage solution to keep these valuable marine parts secure. 


Because Allshelter was in close contact with Evolution Commercial, we were able to provide them a storage solution that worked for their specific niche. Allshelter provided a CASA1536IM shelter which is a container shelter 15 meters wide and 36 meters long. 


Evolution Commercial was extremely pleased with the storage solution provided by Allshelter. The shelter provided is environmentally adaptive, internally bright, and is easy to disassemble and relocate. The non-corrosive steel and extreme wind-resistant materials means it will hold up and provide lasting protection for their products. All flats, plats and rounds on Allshelter’s container domes comply with AS 3678-300 and AS3679.1-250. In addition, all standard mainframes use Australian made, galvanised metal steel members. Lastly, the shelter mounted on top of two shipping containers, which was an added benefit because it created extra storage space around the shelter. 


“Our company was in need of a storage solution for our top-quality yacht parts. It was a very specific need and we needed a customised solution. In trying to find a shelter that suits our storage needs for our yacht parts, I worked closely with Nigel and was extremely impressed with his industry and product knowledge. He was able and willing to answer all of our questions and concerns. In the end, I was satisfied with every step of the process. We were able to come up with a shelter that suits all of our needs. I have the assurance that our parts and products are being storage safely and securely. I highly recommend Allshelter for any storage or protective solution requirements that you may have.”

General Manager
Nigel Van Rongen – Evolution Commercial


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